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  1. Intéressant, de façon générale, tous ceux que je connais en faveur du pass or fail ont plutôt comme argument que les stages de l'externat reflètent bien mieux les aptitudes de l'étudiant comme futur clinicien que peuvent le faire les notes du pré-clinique et qu'ainsi les comités d'admission devraient davantage avoir cette considération en tête. Pour ta part, ton argument c'est que d'autres ont fait le choix d'étudier davantage que toi durant le pré-clinique alors les notes devraient être moins importantes? Devrait-on aussi seulement avoir des évaluations d'externat pass/fail parce que des
  2. Yes. It eventually gets better. Altough, it is normal, at first, to feel overwhelmed. it will never be to feel hopeless, sad, depressed... If you feel really feel like this, seek mental help.
  3. Hey I am a 4th year medical student and I have ADHD. Ive been diagnosed around 8 years old but never took any medication until medschool. I just couldn't keep up with all the boring reading... ADHD really is a disorder. You will have to work harder than everyone else. I hope your IQ is high enough to compensate for your attention deficit without burning yourself out. Contrary to what I often heard in the past (and still hear it), being a physician is not a good career for someone with ADHD. People think ER docs have ADHD because they have a high level of energy which people tend to c
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