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  1. It wouldn't be surprising for a nursing class to be all women because nursing is still dominated by women. Medicine, like you said yourself, is no longer dominated by men. That's why it would be surprising for 100% of a class to be female OR male. I made that clear in my last post, I'm sorry if you were too offended to think I would also be surprised if the entering QuARMS class was 100% male.
  2. Seriously? Why would it not be surprising that 100% of candidates selected for a very competitive process happen to be the same sex, especially considering classes hover around 50:50?
  3. From what I have heard the smaller class is much more cohesive and they receive better clinical exposure, though I doubt this would make much of a difference down the road. My opinion would be to pick based on location.
  4. I don't think it should be looked at to the same extent or level of pretentiousness as obvious displays of wealth/power/status etc such as the picture you posted. There's a big difference between unnecessarily flaunting how successful you are and being proud of your accomplishments by wearing a bag that has become a symbol of medical students nationwide. As already mentioned, the circle of individuals who know what the bags symbolize is small and I doubt most medical students wear them as a mark of superiority. I do agree with you though that I think some students can't admit that it is, t
  5. To my knowledge the GPA cutoff has been stable for several years and it seems like Western prefers to adjust the MCAT cutoffs to determine interview invitations. However, there is no way to predict this and the GPA cutoff has been changed in the past. All you can do is hope that it will stay the same and aim for a higher GPA in the coming years so that you won't have to worry when you apply. Good luck.
  6. Does anyone happen to know if Toronto/Ottawa waitlists move before the first deadline? I have heard Mac does.
  7. With no/bad ECs you are out of the running for 3/5 Ontario schools, and may have a difficult time interviewing at others if you have no personal experiences to draw on.
  8. The OOP numbers are pretty surprising (assuming only Ontarians are voting).
  9. I saw this being brought up in some other threads and was hoping a current student could shed some light on this issue as well as the various clerkship streams and the clerkship lottery. How exactly does the lottery work and how many people find themselves in undesirable streams? Moreover, how does this affect one's candidacy particularly for more competitive specialties if they are assigned a suboptimal stream?
  10. Nearly everything you've listed is irrelevant, anecdotal or interchangeable between schools. Rankings don't matter, neither does the degree you get, or the fact that BMSc is affiliated with Schulich. You'll learn the exact same things and both schools will provide you with virtually identical opportunities outside of the classroom. Both will also adequately prepare you for the MCAT. These questions have also been asked several times. Go to the school you like better because there will be little difference between most schools excluding Mac Health Sci and QuARMS.
  11. I did not interview at Western so I can't comment however my opinion on Ottawa vs. Mac is the following. Personally I like the idea of Ottawa's curriculum more as it provides greater structure. Additionally, I see myself going into an anatomy heavy specialty and I'm skeptical about anatomy at Mac (though I have heard they've made some improvements In recent years). I know location isn't a factor for you but personally I don't like Ottawa too much as a city and would like to stay in the GTA so it's a tough call for me. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who had to choose bet
  12. Leaning towards UofT, hopefully I get the opportunity to decide.
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