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  1. Hey guys going into 2nd year next year and most likely ganna do biophysics later on. Has anyone taken cs 1026/1027 and have any input? Is it possible to get 90's with hard work? Haffie has been pressuring me to take it next year for potential research positions but i would really like a 2nd opinion. Thoughts? I do have some experience with coding and pretty sure i can pick it up better than average (or tis the plan)
  2. Yo whats good premed. Im currently 1st year but im thinking of summer courses and next years courses atm. Im from london so im considering taking orgo to get it out of the way, is that a good option? And also, must I take 2290 during second year, or can I take it this summer w orgo/ the summer after 2nd year? btw thinking of either medical biophysics or microbio and imm. Also in terms of 2nd year courses what are some decent electives? I kinda want bird courses but not the stupid ones where its so dry i cant even study for it
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