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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable opinions!! I think it is too early in my dental education to make a decision yet. I wanted to specialize in omfs but I don't even know what it's really about . If you decide to work as an associate, do people ever look at your transcript from dental school? My brother was never asked to show his transcript but I'm not sure if he just got lucky. Do I seriously just need to pass? Sounds too easy/good to be true!
  2. My brother is a general dentist in Ontario and he is making more than enough money as an associate to support his family. Just like everyone else, I sort of considered specializing when I just got into dental school but I am not sure whether it's worth sacrificing my health to study 24/7 like I did in undergrad. Is it the money that motivates people to specialize? A dentist I used to shadow owns his own practice and based on what he told me and what I've seen, he is making more money than an average oral surgeon/orthodontist. Of course you have to be fortunate to own a practice that genera
  3. Yes, I've only met a few people with GPAs below 3.90 in my class but they all just finished their 3rd and 4th year (i.e. no masters degree). If anyone's GPA is below 3.90, then their DAT scores become very important.
  4. This is not true. The only cutoff at U of T is GPA greater than 3.0. There are people in my class with ~3.86. To OP: With a 3.86 and your DAT scores, you have a slim chance of getting an interview at U of T. If you get an interview, you'll probably be the last person to get it. However, if you can significantly improve your DAT scores, that's a completely different story.
  5. No, it's not too late at all. I started studying in October and wrote the November one and still got in. Assuming that you have a decent GPA, you can get an interview as long as it's above 20. I even saw some people who got in with scores below 18.
  6. I just double checked - tomorrow is the last deposit. Good luck!
  7. The last deposit is due tomorrow. I'd expect some major movements next week if not tomorrow. Looking at the trend, I think it'll be ~30 spots by the end of August.
  8. I honestly see no bad intention here. OP has already gotten accepted at a number of dental schools so there's really no point of doing this to collect other people's stories. Besides, as someone who was also accepted this year, I, too, want to help other applicants with their application. I wouldn't have done it without the help of upper years so it's only fair for me to return the favours to new applicants.
  9. I hope everyone's enjoying their summer! Could someone please tell me when the future 1st years would get more information on the courses, textbooks, etc? Also when can we make our Utorid account?
  10. I thought Dal interviews were way back in March...? Did they just release the results?
  11. This question is asked literally every year lol. It's the same with all other jobs... Everything is getting saturated. I've also heard that as long as you avoid major cities like Toronto, you still make great money. But of course everything depends on how you operate and stuff
  12. Do 3rd and 4th year students spend all of their time at school in clinic? How many patients do (did) you see per day? Also I'm really curious about patient interactions in clinic. Are they generally nice and understanding if you make mistakes? What are some best and worst experiences you've had in clinic? I'd really appreciate it if you could share your experience!
  13. From what I have heard and seen, the atmosphere at U of T is just as friendly and supportive as UWO First year students at U of T were definitely very friendly and helpful on my interview day. My friends who applied this year chose U of T over UWO and so did I because I'm quite hesitant about living in London for 4 years. IMO U of T waitlist movement will be no different from previous years because there has almost been a handful of people who chose UWO over U of T. It'll probably be the med school applicants that would really get the waitlist moving.
  14. Thank you so much!! Is there any study area in or around the dentistry building where you can stay after the library closes?
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