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  1. The document should have spots for people looking for roommates, but haven't found a place yet. Maybe write your name down as looking for a roommate in the google doc or maybe even post in the FB group. That's probably your best bet for finding a roommate from your class.
  2. Step 1: Don't take dating advice from Premed101.
  3. What site did you get this data from? I'm curious about this info for other specialties.
  4. Your school should have policies on what you can and can't do, especially if you're required to register your observership. As for the dress code, just wear professional attire like you would when you're seeing patients. You definitely don't need to bring your white coat lol.
  5. So far, I've found that medical school lectures are similar to undergrad lectures in terms of how much content each individual lecture covers. The two diverge in terms of how many lectures each exam comes. Since you don't have the luxury of taking 5 different courses (like in undergrad), your exams in medical school will cover every single lecture for that block. In any given block, your final exams may cover between 50-80 lectures (assuming 15-20 lectures a week), whereas in undergrad, my final exams usually only covered about 24 lectures worth of content (since most courses were only 2 lectu
  6. I'm not familiar with the space, but wouldn't CMGs have to do away electives in the US to have a chance at matching into a decently competitive speciality (in addition to good USMLE scores) in the States. Wouldn't that come at the expense of matching in Canada because it would take away from away electives in Canada? In addition, since the CARMS match occurs first, that makes it even difficult for CMGs to match in the States.
  7. I went to Western for undergrad. I also withdrew from a course. At western, if you drop before the drop date deadline, it is considered WDN without academic penalty. This means that although it shows you on your transcript as WDN, OMSAS doesn't require you to input it because it was without academic penalty. Medical schools do not care about it unless you dropped the course too late or you don't have a full course load. Just make sure to have an extra course next semester and it will be fine. I am currently in medical school, so I would say dropping that course worked out fine.
  8. Just because they vote in line with their financial priorities doesn't mean that "they don't really care much about those beliefs." Perhaps they believe that these social issues can be addressed in a different way. For all you know, they could be actively involved with organizations that address those social issues, yet not vote for a party that also supports the same issue. My point is that it's not as black and white when voting for a political party. Very rarely do people agree with the entire platform of a party. For many people, voting comes down to prioritizing issues that are more impor
  9. Just because someone doesn't vote the way you want them doesn't mean they "don't believe in anything." Is it that hard to believe his priorities lie in his personal and family finances than "supporting" causes. There isn't only one way to support social causes. When I vote, my priorities lie in my own finances. I can choose to support social causes as I see fit, rather than leaving it to the government.
  10. Everyone following in KD's footsteps with them burner accounts LOL
  11. Wow I'm glad I got through this year. I wonder how this will affect the CARS cut-off. I suspect the MCAT cut-offs overall may be lowered, but may be competitively assessed (i.e. a person with lower MCAT scores may need a better score on the holistic portion of the application). This change does introduce quite a bit of subjectivity to the application processes, so I can't say that I'm a fan of this change.
  12. Your two bird courses are spread between semesters, which is good. Looks fine to me!
  13. I vote with my wallet's best interest in mind (conservative). It's great to be for all these social issues when the taxes needed to support them aren't taking a huge chunk of your money (and as students, let's be honest, we aren't paying that much in taxes anyways). Truth be told, when I read about the government spending tax dollars to support refugees from another country by giving them $30k annually, it definitely erodes my faith in the government spending tax dollars with the best interest of the country in mind. That was just an example, but the principle is the same -- I don't trust the
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