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  1. Hi Everyone, I hope someone might be able to help me with filling out my undergraduate grades on the OMSAS application. I went to the University of Guelph where we have courses that are 1 semester long (0.5 credits) and 2 semesters long (1 credit). I noticed on the OMSAS guide that it says to list 1 semester courses as having a weight of 1 and full year courses as having a weight of 2. If I fill this out manually, each weight of 1 is converted to an OMSAS length of 2 and each weight of 2, into an OMSAS length of 4. Does anyone know if this is normal? I thought that a full time semester wa
  2. Does this mean that we are only waiting for cancellations at this point?
  3. Yeah, this wait is painful. I am also a 2nd year MSc waiting to hear back. Is it coincidental that many of us still waiting for a response are grad school applicants?
  4. Does anyone know if there has been more that one wave of rejections?
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