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  1. Result: Waitlisted Timestamp: 9:16am GPA: 4.00 MCAT: 515 ECs: Very diverse. PM for details Year: 4th year Interview: Didn't feel great about the MMI, but thought the panel went well Geography: IP
  2. Thought this was it. Just posted there lol! Thanks for the heads up
  3. Result: Accepted to UTSG!! Timestamp: 7:42am wGPA: 4.00 MCAT: Above cut off ECs: Very diverse. PM for details. Essays: I felt they went well! Interview: I felt that 3 stations went really well, and 1 station was good. Year: 4th year Geography: IP
  4. Accepted!! Time-stamp: 7:13 AM GPA: 4.00 Stream: English Geography: IP EC: Very diverse, PM for details! Current year: 4th year Interview: Thought it went well!
  5. Not sure about Ottawa, but when I emailed U of T, they said Cell Biology from YorkU counts towards biochemistry credits.
  6. Some of us prefer more traditional approaches to dating rather than using an app . Not to mention a preference for someone with the same professional aspirations that can sympathize with what you're going through.. because they're going through it with you.
  7. I did something similar to this. I applied to a course-based Masters program just as a backup plan. I notified my referees, including a prof that it was just a backup plan and they were still very happy to help me out. I eventually realized that even if I don't get into med school this year, I just don't have the passion to go to grad school. I later contacted the school and withdrew my Masters application. Personally, I felt my referees had the right to know that it was a backup plan. They've helped me so much along the way so I wanted to be as transparent as possible.
  8. I have the same overall score as you and interviewed at Toronto, Queen's and Ottawa. Ottawa currently doesn't look at your MCAT scores. Toronto only has a cutoff of 125/125/125/125. I'm not too sure about Queen's. If you have a competitive GPA and solid ECs, you should have a good chance at a number of Canadian schools. If your ECs are weak, I'd rather focus on those this summer instead of the MCAT. Edit: my opinion is based on Ontario schools. I'm not too sure about other schools.
  9. I'd just like to give my two cents about York. While our med school acceptance rate may be low compared to other schools, it's still quite a promising rate considering how few premeds here are still pursuing medicine by 3rd/4th year. Each school has its strengths so you should choose the school that best accommodates your personal needs. I personally chose York for better access to my family support system, and because the premeds here are very friendly and not competitive. From what I hear, it is also easier to secure research experience at York compared to UofT. For instance, my PI regularly
  10. It's been said countless times, but your feelings aren't always an accurate indicator of your performance. Some people feel amazing about their interviews and get rejected. Others feel horrible about their interviews and get accepted. Just keep busy with your other passions in life and May 9 will come in no time
  11. Based on the (speculated) post-interview scoring for Ottawa, this shouldn't really have an impact on you. Just do your best for the interview, because that's the only thing you have control over at this point.
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