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  1. What do you consider a red flag though? I can see how a panel might be inclined to report someone who might have been nervous during the interview.
  2. Does Western keep track of an applicants data from the previous cycle? Namely reference letter scores, Interview comments/notes etc.
  3. The very first year it was 384, and then 383 since.
  4. @Apex, If they do not drop the cutoffs then the aABS would be useless for interview screening, as the cutoffs themselves will filter out the desired number of interview spots without considering anything else in your application. I realize now, "there will be more applicants this cycle" is a pretty strong assumption. It's just that I had assumed a lot of people choose not to apply if they are below the published cutoffs from the previous year (Of course this isn't entirely true, but it is reasonable to assume a decent amount do so) . Now that applicants see the aABS is required, they are more
  5. What do you mean by confidential? The interviewers don't have access to them, this is given on their website as the interview is closed book. Also it would 100% have to affect the cutoffs even if these are scored as a Pass/Fail or else they would not be able to interview ~440 applicants that they have been doing every year, since ever. I think they will drop, but not drop too much (there will be much more than the usual 2700 applicants this year). With regards to the SWOMEN status, @rmorelan is there any reason you strongly believe Western will still make a SWOMEN advantage? It has been go
  6. rmorelan, I thought OMSAS always gave you the option to submit information regarding your demographics for the personal info form? (it did last cycle). With regards to the individual school submission tabs, UWO required you to fill in (at least last cycle) where you went to high school for the SWOMEN status. This year, it only asks us to submit the Abbreviated ABS as the only requirement. I think with this new-holistic approach, its gonna be hard to make distinctly higher cutoffs for the non-swomen applicants.
  7. There's no where on OMSAS, where you designate you have SWOMEN status. Does this mean Shulich no longer takes this into consideration of the 2018/2019 cycle?
  8. 4th year works the same as 3rd year, where 3/5 FCE needs to be 3rd year and above, i think its because most programs don't even have that many 4th years to take. Also if they take your best 5 courses, what happens if my best 5 doesnt include all 3.0 of the upper year courses?
  9. How does Western calculate your GPA if you overload? (6.0 vs 5.0) And do you still need 3.0 at the current or above or does that change to 4.0 courses to make 60% of the course load
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