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  1. Solonly helped me identify my strengths, brainstorm approaches to tackle the MMI questions, and improve drastically within a few sessions! You can tell he is someone who devoted a lot of time and effort to make the questions, as well as to guide and inspire his students. I would be surprised if his unique insights don't blow your mind during the first session.
  2. yes, but whether or not they count it when calculating as NAQ is a different story
  3. Hi solonly,

    I am interested in the mock MMI sessions! Please tell me more about it.


    Much appreciated,


  4. Hi lab2185,

    I saw your post. I, too, have a low MCAT (sub 508).

    If you don't mind, what was your MCAT and what do you think they consider "low" (leading to a post-interview rejection)?


  5. TIME STAMP: Dec 6 9:43AM PST Interview Invite or Regrets: Invite Early or Regular Deadline: Early AGPA (if applicable): 87-89? MCAT: sub 510 ECs: Research, leadership, volunteering, sports Current Degree: Completed BSc. in winter 2017 Geography: IP NAQ from last year: 34
  6. I'm surprised you are below average on NAQ. I think it may be a wording problem. Or probably because they were not leadership roles? Good luck with Ontario schools tho!
  7. Former interviewee here. Last year it was Mon-silent, Tues- rejection, Wed- silent, Thurs-invites. So today will most likely be a silent day as you speculated.
  8. The numbers (I'm referring to AQ, NAQ, TFR) are arbitrary. Don't worry too much about it. What we know for sure is it's getting more competitive (at least academically), as reflected by the %.
  9. Yes to all. You can still fulfill this requirement. You can take it at AU. You're GPA will be calculated.
  10. Just want to bring up that most people accepted with low MCATs (sub 510) are non-trad. I have yet to see any trad applicant getting accepted with a low MCAT.
  11. Your AQ should be around 28. If you only did what you mentioned, then you're chance are slim to fair. If you have other things other than initiating an organization, dance, sports, clubs, you'd be able to make it fair-excellent (eg. research, something creative, overseas volunteer trip...etc).
  12. GPA is on the lower side for OOPs but shouldn't be a problem if you have good ECs. high mcat will/may help post-interview. Def give it a shot
  13. Now I'm really concerned... I have a ~35 NAQ and ~30 AQ from last year.... I hope I still get an interview this year
  14. That's odd... dropping NAQ by 8-10 points? thats not really possible, regardless of the applicant pool (especially when it's only one year difference and I'm guessing a good 50%+ of the applicants are probably still the same people). I personally think it's either a different criteria used by the evaluator, a different evaluator, or your friend's verifiers accidentally/intentionally screwing him over. As far as I know, if your verifiers do not verify your activity, UBC will just exclude it, which may have a big impact if it's a major activity for your friend.
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