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    MDLaval reacted to Birdy in Hotels - Locations, Discounts, etc.   
    Don't forget CMA discounts!
    Car rental and train travel. Saved a bit for myself on those. 
    Also check your reward points balances. I didn't realize until I checked, but I had enough rewards with my credit card to book a car rental and hotel nights. Also have enough Scene points Scotia card that I can buy quite a few meals while travelling using them (1000 points is $10 off at certain restaurants.) 
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    MDLaval reacted to Lactic Folly in Back up specialty interview answers   
    No, you likely won't be asked point blank, but it's possible that they may broach the subject indirectly through asking about your career decision making process and your level of interest in their field... with the elephant in the room being your obvious interest in another field on your CV... so the OP is wise to think about how to address the program's concerns.
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    MDLaval reacted to Bambi in Back up specialty interview answers   
    I applied to competitive fields and non-competitive. I was never asked any question related to back-up. If I had been asked such a question, I would have honestly answered this was not a back-up. I went in understanding this was a lottery, and I knew I would be happy with matching to any of my choices, regardless of the ranking I placed on them. I certainly would never have answered that their program was strictly a back-up - and in so doing, I would have been giving myself the kiss of death to this program. And truthfully, I repeat, none of my applications were a back-up (and I would not have knowingly committed career suicide)!
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    MDLaval reacted to DermDermDermDerm in 2018 CaRMS Interview -- DISCUSSION   
    Something like this happened to me when applying to medical school. Did not receive an invitation or rejection for a few days after batches were sent out. I had to reach out to correct the mistake.
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    MDLaval got a reaction from Med Life Crisis in 2018 CaRMS Interview -- DISCUSSION   
    In Quebec, applicants have the huge advantage of doing one single interview that will be good to all French-speaking programs/sites. So, if you apply to all FM sites from all 3 French schools, you'll only do one interview.
    On the other hand, if you don't do well in that one interview, well...
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    MDLaval reacted to oh_kno in Socials   
    What's a "small" vs "big" specialty?
    I know family med, internal are likely big and derm, emerg, plastics are likely small.
    But what about things in the middle: anesthesia for example? 
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    MDLaval reacted to ralk in Socials   
    Agreed with the other posters. For FM it doesn't matter at all. Other larger specialties are likely similar. Smaller specialties are probably worth the effort to attend, as both residents and faculty are often looking for people they'd feel comfortable working with closely for the 5+ years of residency.
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    MDLaval reacted to PilotMD in What is your lifestyle like in med school?   
    It gets much better when you are done residency (and fellowship - though fellowship is much better than residency). 
    But, as NLengr said, you are still very busy. Just busy in a different way - plus the ability to control you own life, cut the scut, have fellow physicians treat you like a colleague and not just some 'resident' is a revelation after years of hell. The responsibility goes way up, the stress is still there (but different), new problems arise (OR resources, office management issues, etc) but generally life is much better on the other side.
    Is it worth it - yes it is, but only the strong need apply, because you will have your ass handed to you on a daily basis for the next 5-7 years. I personally would also go with the vice versus repeating residency, though I'm married so you will have to look in my wife's purse to find the intended targets.
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    MDLaval reacted to NLengr in What is your lifestyle like in med school?   
    Yup. My life now is 100% better. 
    Still busy, but at least I control my own life, don't have to do other people's scut, my nurses go out of thier way to help me and I get respected by other physicians. 
    I'm at a smaller rural community hospital. Mileage may vary based on practice location. 
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    MDLaval reacted to PilotMD in What is your lifestyle like in med school?   
    If you didn't know anything about NLengr from prior posts, this response automatically tells you that he did a surgical residency.
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    MDLaval got a reaction from member_225 in L'anglicisme durant les MEM's   
    Agree. One word now and then if you can't find the word/expression in French won't hurt you and it's better than saying nothing at all and missing the opportunity to express yourself in a significant way. Besides, most francophones do it without even noticing they're doing it. We see it every single day while talking to staff and residents in hospitals during our rotations.
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    MDLaval reacted to F508 in L'anglicisme durant les MEM's   
    I would say it probably depends on who's interviewing you. There were multiple instances where i couldn't remember/didn't know the correct French word. If I couldn't find the right word after a few seconds of trying, I would say it in English. Once an interviewer even helped me find the word I was looking for. I got into a francophone med school (I did have good grades though, so that might've offset my language issues).
    I would suggest to try your best to not use any English words, but if you,re really stuck, it,s better to say it in English and get your point across instead of wasting time/not saying that idea.
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    MDLaval got a reaction from Let'sGo1990 in 2018 CaRMS Interview -- DISCUSSION   
    I'm questioning myself too about 2 other programs invites posted...
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    MDLaval reacted to Borborygmi in 2018 CaRMS Interview -- DISCUSSION   
    Honestly, I'm sort of questioning the Western invites. A very strong neuro candidate I know in my class who did an elective in Western has not heard back. Neither have my classmates or I. I feel that the invitations post may have maybe been premature.
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    MDLaval got a reaction from Borborygmi in 2018 CaRMS Interview -- DISCUSSION   
    With all the road work in Montreal and the chaotic traffic there (not to mention the possibility of snowstorm/freezing rain)? I don't think it's doable. Too risky and you'll probably end up missing the 2nd interview of the day.
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    MDLaval reacted to Dua in 2018 CaRMS Interview -- DISCUSSION   
    Anyone find the interviews seem very scrunched together? Barely any programs offering interviews in that last week...
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    MDLaval reacted to Meridian in How much will this increase the chances of me getting into med school?   
    You are missing the point of references.    Its about who you are not who they are. 
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    MDLaval reacted to Mithril in LMCC discussion   
    Every single station I had on part 2 I have seen in either an FM clinic or in an ER during my residency. Part 2 was easier than my med school OSCEs mainly because I had way more knowledge and experience in FM cases by the time I was a second year FM resident compared to a 3rd or 4th year med student.
    Part 2 covered aspects of the physical exam and diagnostics, whereas the CCFP exam covered interpersonal skills, medical and non-medical management, and history taking through written and interview components. For generalist residents I think there is merit to part 2, but I don't really understand it for specialty residents. All that generalist stuff was already tested for 4th year students in part 1 in written format.
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    MDLaval got a reaction from Bambi in Unethical admissions process???   
    I don't think it's true. 
    1st = all the ethical issues about this make it hard to believe.
    2nd = even if it were true, why would the person admit it and even pass the word on?
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    MDLaval reacted to Bambi in 2018 CaRMS Interview -- DISCUSSION   
    I cannot see it having the slightest impact.
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    MDLaval reacted to NLengr in Clerkship Transfer   
    I'd imagine that they'd look at the reason for the request and then make decisions based on that. They'd probably consider something like family member terminally ill differently than new boyfriend/girlfriend in another city. That's just a guess however.
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    MDLaval reacted to Snowmen in AFMC Admission Guide - 2018   
    Especially since it is the ROC that seems to be having the most problems with students going unmatched whereas Quebec already has a ridiculous amount of unfilled FM spots (the problem here has more to do with jobs than residency spots).
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    MDLaval got a reaction from la marzocco in AFMC Admission Guide - 2018   
    The provincial health Minister has already said earlier this year there'll be reduction in the spots for the next 2 years too. It was supposed to be a global reduction of about 50-55 places after the 3 consecutive years cutting down the admissions to QC's faculties of Medicine.
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    MDLaval reacted to Fresh fry in Is It Possible To Finish Med School Without Becoming Too Salty Or Cynical?   
    Absolutely not. People are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling. 
    If you ever find a happy resident find out who their dealer is.
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