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    MDLaval reacted to Med Life Crisis in Group work in medical school   
    no to group work
    no to PBL
    yes to pass/fail
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    MDLaval got a reaction from indefatigable in Matching to Family Medicine   
    Exactly. My personal belief is that programs in the ROC tend to be more competitive precisely because CMG from all over the country can apply without worrying about language.
    And the language barrier works both ways: I have friends and colleagues who would be extremely competitive anywhere they apply, but that choose not to apply outside of QC because they think they lack English language skills.
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    MDLaval reacted to Birdy in 2018 CaRMS Interview -- DISCUSSION   
    Ultimately, I’ll have a max of six interviews. I’m so looking forward to having the bulk of that three weeks off. Sucks for those who have to fly everywhere for those few weeks. :-/
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    MDLaval reacted to hhhart in Unethical admissions process???   
    Those are my thoughts too. And, especially as this med student/resident was either in their rotation position or at work, it was also unprofessional in my opinion. I'm tempted to find out who they are and report them, but what would be the point really. 
    But yes, I agree. The whole idea seems too full of ethical landmines and what good does bragging your dad had to buy your spot in medschool do? I didnt quite understand that part myself.
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    MDLaval reacted to indefatigable in Matching to Family Medicine   
    It definitely could be factor.  Looking at the same CaRMS report (slides 16 and 17) shows that the QC graduates (even McGill) overwhelmingly stay in province, in contrast to the quote above.  But still, it's not as if popular programs out of QC are any less competitive - if anything they would get far more applicants since there's no language barrier, and thus any CMG could theoretically apply.  I would guess the grades aspect with IP constraints and other factors possibly combine together.   
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    MDLaval got a reaction from Bambi in Unethical admissions process???   
    I don't think it's true. 
    1st = all the ethical issues about this make it hard to believe.
    2nd = even if it were true, why would the person admit it and even pass the word on?
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    MDLaval reacted to F508 in 2018 CaRMS Interview -- DISCUSSION   
    Ughh and Carms is such a money sink-hole for cautious applicants.. I applied to like 10 family medicine sites at one program because each site is considered an individual application...... I'm pretty sure I didn't need to apply to that many... but just in case.. hahah
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    MDLaval reacted to Birdy in 2018 CaRMS Interview -- DISCUSSION   
    So I'm alternating between certain I'll match and certain I won't. Looking anxiously forward to interview invites coming out. 
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    MDLaval reacted to ralk in What about Financial Advisors?   
    No such thing as a true independent financial advisor for physicians. There are plenty of private groups happy to provide advice, but they're all selling their own (or commissioned) products as well (yes, this includes the MD Financial folks), products which may not be the best for you.
    That's not to say they give bad advice, and especially moving into residency and eventual practice, it's important to have some sort of financial team to go to with questions. Whether it's the MD Financial team or one of the many non-affiliated groups out there, having a knowledgeable person available to put questions to and provide options is important, but everything they say should be taken with a grain of salt. They have their own agendas and while they may be knowledgeable in general, they won't know your personal situation as well as you do. Bambi's 100% right, talk to physicians who are/were in similar situations, and do your homework.
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    MDLaval reacted to Bambi in Advice for an International Applicant?   
    Agreed, but 3.5s who are IP have been accepted in the past.
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    MDLaval reacted to F508 in 2018 CaRMS Interview -- DISCUSSION   
    I don't feel stress necessarily, but rather more of a psychological restlessness... Probably due to the inability to predict future elation or depression ...
    One minute I feel confident, the other minute I'm doubting my application
    Lol is March here yet
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    MDLaval reacted to Arztin in Am I screwed?   
    I emailed the chief resident who found my mistake to be funny, and happens to be working with the PD today. So I didn't automatically self-disqualify, but oh god they are clearly going to rub it in my face jokingly during interviews....
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    MDLaval reacted to rmorelan in Can I hug an actor?   
    just a quote from the CPSO:
    While physicians may intend non-sexual and non-clinical touching of patients to be therapeutic or comforting, supportive words or discussion may be preferable to avoid misinterpretation.
    I love the vagueness of that  They aren't saying your cannot touch someone in a comforting way but they are definitely frowning on it and if misinterpretation occurs they will not look too kindly on it (no matter what the doctor's intention was). "The college is not your friend" is the quote that gets tossed around a lot to remind you about stuff like this. 
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    MDLaval reacted to Nietzsche_hammer in Medecine 2018 contingent étudiant étranger   
    C’est pas une raison pour abandonner. J’ai 27 ans et je commence ma première année. La moyenne canadienne des gens en médecine c’est 24 ans et leur nombre de tentatives c’est 3 fois en moyenne. Y’a bcp de cegepiens dans ma classe, mais y’a aussi du monde avec doc, post-doc, des mères de famille avec 30,35 d’âge. 
    IMO tu seras pas plus heureux avec un plan B, C ou Z tu vas toujours rester avec le what if dans ta tête. Moi j’irais all in. Même si t’es limite pour les entrevues t’as encore la possibilité d’augmenter ta cote d’ici la fin de ton bac.
    Oublie l’idée de faire des cours par intérêt je t’ai vu dire ça me donne max 80%. Prends les cours les plus facile pour maximiser tes chances. Moi je demandais à mes amis quels profs prendre pour être sûr d’avoir A+
    Le calcul de la cote universitaire varie dans chaque université et pe même d’années en années. Une fois RP et ton bac en poche tu pourras appliquer aux 4 universités. Bonne chance !
    PM si tu veux plus de détails. J’ai travaillé dans l’armée avant de rentrer.
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    MDLaval reacted to ralk in Match results for a specific school and program (i.e., how many people who listed the program as their top choice got it)?   
    That sort of data is too specific to maintain confidentiality for applicants, and is too open to inappropriate interpretations that could needlessly hurt programs' reputations. 
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    MDLaval reacted to rmorelan in 2018 CaRMS Interview -- DISCUSSION   
    indeed - good luck everyone! Looking forward to seeing everyone coming here in the coming months!
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    MDLaval reacted to Arztin in 2018 CaRMS Interview -- DISCUSSION   
    I feel relieved.... Oh gosh there was nothing more stressful than the website constantly bugging in the last 12 hours before submission deadline.
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    MDLaval reacted to ploughboy in Congrats rmorelan   
    Just noted the updated signature.  Congrats, man! 
    Don't turn into a Red Sox fan.  That's all I ask.
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    MDLaval reacted to rmorelan in Lines of Credit for Medical Students (Scotia is the best option)   
    sounds like a plan
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    MDLaval got a reaction from Bambi in Reference Letter Unmasking   
    I couldn't agree more. I know for sure that some programs will rarely choose someone who didn't do at least a 2 weeks rotation there. And I've heard it from staff.
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    MDLaval reacted to Bambi in Reference Letter Unmasking   
    Face time is critical. It is highly unlikely that a program is going to choose someone based upon their paper image and an interview, when they really have gotten to know other applicants and seen their work ethic, friendliness, collaborative skills, etc. 
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    MDLaval reacted to Applemanv3 in Radiology Fellowships   
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    MDLaval reacted to Lactic Folly in Backing up - how do you make it to all the interviews?   
    Well, all you can do is to try to fit in as many interviews as you can. If you're getting a lot of interviews for your first choice specialty, I would take that as a sign that you are a strong candidate, taking the pressure off your backup interviews. Unless you're on the fence re: career choice or need a specific location, I would never suggest dropping any first choice program interviews to do an extra interview at a second choice program. Just prep for your interviews, similar to med school admissions.
    If this field is truly competitive as you said, it wouldn't be unusual for perfectly decent candidates to get fewer interviews than they had hoped for, therefore freeing up time for backup interviews. That being said, you just need one program to rank you high enough to match  
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    MDLaval reacted to oshaku in RBC vs Scotiabank for LOC   
    I was with Scotia, recently switched to RBC.  Reason was while Scotia offered me a great deal when I applied, they refused to update me to any of the new changes that happened after I signed with them. So no Passport + Amex, no prime - 0.25.  Friends with LOCs at RBC signed on at prime + 0 were able to get the prime - 0.25 rate by emailing to their adviser.  That's when I realized being an existing customer at Scotia sucked, and decided to stop being an existing customer. 
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    MDLaval got a reaction from 1030812 in Réponses Médecine 2017   
    Oui, c'est assez compliqué et je ne crois pas que ce soit à notre avantage, surtout si l'on compare à ce que les étudiants dans la majorité des universités dans les autres provinces peuvent faire. 
    On est obligé de faire un minimum de 1 stage dans les catégories chirurgicale et médicale seulement. Bref, on peut faire 1 stage chirurgical, 1 stage médical et 3 dans n'importe quelle autre catégorie (Péd, Patho, Psy, etc). Par contre, on ne peut pas faire un stage à option dans le même milieu où on a fait le stage obligatoire (par exemple chx, péd, psy, med interne, ob-gyn).
    Je crois également que la stratégie de concentrer les stages dans un domaine connexe pour se vendre au maximum n'est vraiment pas efficace au Québec. La seule exception serait, peut-être, si l'on veut appliquer pour la même discipline dans 3 programmes différents au Québec (par ex. Péd UdeM, Péd Sherbrooke et Péd Laval). 
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