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  1. I ended up choosing McMaster-Hamilton, so I can't speak for Windsor! But Mac is wonderful hahah
  2. Yeah, don't count on it happening. I was in the position last year of wanting London but offered Windsor off the high waitlist. After talking on the phone with the lady who called to give me the admission, she made it clear that it was very very unlikely that a student offered Windsor at this point would end up moved to London, since multiple students would have to drop out of the program after accepting their offer.
  3. Everyone gets the backpack colour according to the year you enter medical school ,not graduate. So you will get the same colour as all the other first year med students
  4. Sorry for being a noob- but where exactly on the afmc portal do I click to see what the required documents to upload are for each elective? When I click on school logos, they 4 I looked at just say to upload the immunizations form. Is that actually all that is needed? no mention of police check or anything.
  5. Hi Guys! Can any upper years suggest any great OBGYN electives to look into? In particular I would love to do a 2 week one out West but don't know anyone who has done any out there to ask if they had a good experience. Feel free to message me if you'd rather!
  6. If you get a waitlist offer fairly early, you might get 2 weeks to respond
  7. Although I've only just started at Mac, I'd say you're fine to be taking a day off during the week (I know I don't tend to do much work on Fridays for example haha). However, you still need to attend mandatory courses.
  8. I got over 90% in 2200 last year without a single reading, but I heard the prof changed this year so I don't know if that will stay the same
  9. i found classics 2200 way more interesting than 2300 (Mythology was a lot more fun to learn than all the different sports the ancient greeks played, but you might think the opposite)
  10. is there a general consensus of which specialties favor strong research?
  11. Hey guys, I'm just starting out in my first year med at Mac, and I've been struggling with anatomy a bit. I never took anatomy in undergrad so I have very little knowledge coming in. I'm finding it pretty hard to learn anatomy the way it is set up at mac with the self-directed labs, and a little over-whelming. So far, when I leave the lab, I always end with a feeling that all I did was read a bunch of weird structure names and point to them on the models. Nothing feels like it is sticking unless I were to just sit there and memorize all the fancy names, which also seems like a silly way t
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