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  1. Bump... writing next year and already know CARS is one section I need to prepare in advance -anyone suggest reading the economist this year to prep? heard it works wonders...OP, also look into **DELETED**s online course, i took a free trial class and it was so good...he opens up your eyes a lot
  2. Hi guys! Thinking of making an MCAT study group over whatsapp. Im writing in a couple months though. PM me if you'd like to join.
  3. Are the AAMC Q packs passage based or just discretes for content review?
  4. Anyone have any suggestion for physics content review practice questions? I know theres 1001 EK, but I hear those are ridiculously hard...physics is a weak subject for me so looking to just get down basic concepts.
  5. Thanks everyone! Bought some MCAT books and I'm gonna give it a go. I figured age is not a factor compared to how happy id be in the program. That being said, I'm still continuing with dentistry. Maintaining a 3.85 was pretty difficult, I was always studying
  6. Thanks guys! Another thing I'm scared of is that my GPA might drop while in my second year dental school; I'm scared it would throw me out of contention... I'm at about a 3.85 at UofT currently, any lower and I think I might be screwed
  7. Hi all Im going into my second year of Dentistry at UofT. I've always wanted to go into medicine, and have just decided to act on this. I've interviewed for med before but didn't get in, but got into dent that year so just took it. I'm wondering if I can get your guys input on if you think this is a wise decision...I'm currently 24, if I write the mcat next summer and apply through the following year, I'll be 26. After 4 years 31, then after training around 34. All assuming I get in on the first try. wise? I feel very strongly about medicine but my MCAT was my downfall a
  8. for manitoba they'll adjust your gpa somehow pretty sure, and their cutoffs are low
  9. I'll agree with you on that - you're very responsible for what you've said, and if you refuse to believe what i've started, just inbox me for the proof.
  10. thank you for acknowledging that is sexually suggestive. goodnight
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