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  1. Many people take life sciences or biology in their undergraduate years before applying to medicine, but I'm wondering how common it is for chemistry majors to aim for medical school? I would appreciate if anyone who is majoring or has majored in chemistry, or knows someone who did, is willing to share any experiences about the path that they have taken! Does a chemistry program prepare you well for the MCAT? How challenging would you say it is, in contrast to biology or life sciences? I have yet to begin first year, so I know many things might change. I've heard that lots of life scie
  2. Thanks for your opinions! Right now, I am leaning towards picking psychology as my elective for first year. I am wondering though, when people take English in their second or third year, is it usually an upper year English class or the introductory English class (ENGL 100) that they take? Ethics and philosophy definitely sound interesting! Also, another question... I heard that a lot of people take organic chemistry in the summer to lighten their course load for second year. Is this a good idea? Would it be a good idea to take that along with English?
  3. Thanks! Are there any courses that you recommend? What's the best way of knowing the easiness or difficulty of a course before enrolling in it?
  4. Hey guys! I'm currently in the process of planning my courses for my first year at Queen's. Since I'm considering to major or specialize in life sciences later on, I already know that I'll be talking CHEM 112, BIOL 102/103, MATH 121, and PHYS 117. I have space for an elective. I'm thinking about PSYC 100, which I heard is a very popular choice, plus I really enjoy studying psychology. However, I would like to apply to medical schools in the future, so I don't know if it would be a better idea to take English during first year to fill that specific prerequisite and not have to worry a
  5. For those who have studied or are studying science at Queen's, can you share your experiences about your program?
  6. One thing that's often pointed out is that the majority of Mac Health Sci students have much higher GPA's compared to most people in regular life science programs. Maybe you could argue that students entering Mac Health Sci are already smart, but then look at a program like McGill life science, where the entering averages are similar to Health Sci (high 90's). Their fraction of students entering medical school is not nearly as large as that of Mac Health Sci... Thanks for all the advice though, I appreciate it. I know I didn't get accepted to Mac yet, so this is just something I'
  7. Okay thanks! It's just that the chances of getting into medicine from Mac Health Sci are so much higher than any other program, so that's why I'm still not sure...
  8. If you were offered a $48 000 scholarship to Queen's as well as admission to McMaster health sciences, which one would you choose?
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