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  1. Could someone please provide me with some information on which CPR course we are required to take, does CPR - Health Care Provider through St. John Ambulance qualify?
  2. I was working on my application and I have an entry for the sport I play. I have been playing since I was in Grade 3 and have played at every level including for the national team and internationally. As such I was wondering how far back can we go for entering dates and hours? Could anyone help me with this?
  3. TIME STAMP: Monday, 5:07 pm Interview Invite: Regret Early/Regular Deadline: Regular OGPA (if applicable): 87.59 MCAT: 512 ECs: Lots with long term commitments (Variety Athlete, National Level Athlete (Team Canada), Research, Coaching, Travel, Senior Home Volunteer, served on executive council, some hobbies, numerous awards) Year: UG 4th Year (1st time applying) Geography: IP NAQ: 25.63 AQ: 27.22 TFR: 52.85 (so close)
  4. I was working on my application and was wondering for the non-academic actives section how far back can we go, is it 16 years of age?
  5. The one year masters would definitely help in an alternative career if I did not get into medicine and yes that I what I was thinking as well. Do you guys have any advice or areas I may be lacking or a way to further strengthen me as an applicant? Thank You, for your advice so far very much appreciated
  6. Hi, I was hoping someone with experience could give me an opinion on my chances to be expected for 2017. Currently I am a BC resident who is currently in my third year at McMaster University in the honors health sciences program. Currently I have an 88% GPA which I expect to increase by a small marjin after I complete my 4th year. I am a varsity athlethe at MAC with a scholarship and have devoted a lot of my time to it and have been greatful to have a good amount of sucess while also being a 3-time academic all canadian, I have won numerous awards that recognize sucess both academically and a
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