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  1. Considering applying to Western for medicine subspecialty and wondering if there are clinical associate opportunities for pgy4s and higher covering general medicine/icu. Anyone have insight specific to UWO?
  2. Yes existing clients can have their banking package aligned with new guidelines. Thats what i did. Of course you still have to pay minimum payments (just interest while in med school, residency and for 2 years after (Grace)). That is standard among all loc.
  3. Not seeing much talk about RBC last few weeks. They’ve dramatically revamped their professional package. 275k in med school then ADDITIONAL 50-75k once in residency depending on program length. Interest prime - 0.25. Visa with 10k. Overdraft 5k. All fees waived. 2 year grace post training. Go see website. In my opinion this IS superior to scotia and anyone else offering med packages!
  4. Ive asked this before, anyone have any recent success with extending their LOC beyond whatever their bank's standard professional line of credit for med limit is? If so, are you able to provide specific contact details of the rep?
  5. Anyone have luck obtaining t2200 for deduction of work related expenses. If so what kinds of expenses did you deduct? also, at ubc disability insurance is mandatory condition of employment, does anyone have experience deducting this as an expense?
  6. Hi all about to start r1and am wondering about the difference between cmpa insurance codes. specifically TOW 12 vs 14. 14 allows for moonlighting whereas 12 does not. Code 14 is cheaper though and in BC is eligible for a Doctor's of BC rebate. would I be allowed to insure myself with code 14 and just not moonlight as it seems it is more all encompassing than the code 12?
  7. My limit is 300k They are saying that is max support and it would be impossible yo go higher
  8. Im assuming after you provided that info they approved an increase? If you don't mind me asking how much was the increase they approved? Im in a similar boat with debt before med for which I used my med loc. Thanks again.
  9. Thank! do you mean end of residency or med school/starting residency?
  10. Thanks! I do have a reason for this but I was wondering specifically if anyone might have either personally experienced this or know of someone else successfully increasing their limit in residency
  11. Anyone have experience on increasing loc with rbc in residency?
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