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  1. When did you receive your invite for the April 8th interview last year?
  2. Are psychology courses considered under the "humanities" area by U of T? Or are only language and arts courses considered humanities?
  3. Hi there, I am applying to US med schools for the first time. From the research that I have done, I see that applying early (June) can be quite advantageous and that Hispanic people, such as myself, generally receive more lenient MCAT/GPA thresholds. However, I am unhappy with my current MCAT score: 509 (Phys/Chem: 125, Bio: 126, CARS: 127, Psyc: 131). My question is would it be better for me to apply early with my current MCAT or to apply in late August with a (hopefully) better/more rounded MCAT score?
  4. Queen's and McMaster will accept you even if you have only completed your first year of your MSc and you may be granted a deferral. Whereas UBC and U of T will not under any circumstances ei. you must finish your graduate degree first.
  5. Hi I would be interested! I'll message you
  6. Hi guys. This is my first time applying to UBC, just have a general question on mailing in transcripts. So I understand that we have to mail the transcripts to the Undergraduate Admissions Office but if you have transcripts from multiple schools do you send the transcripts directly from each school or are you expected to mail them all together?
  7. I actually had the same question and called the office sometime ago. They told me that there is no particular age minimum but they advice to only include things that I thought were significant from high school or that I have continued onwards. eg. Soccer from grade 8 high school to 4th year university etc.
  8. I'm not in the exact same position but I am a Master's student and a TA and I am in the lab mon-fri 9am-6pm. So I do not have a ton of time to study for the MCAT. What I have found most useful is to use Khan Academy (free and associated with the AAMC) https://www.khanacademy.org/test-prep/mcat they provide you with tons of videos for concepts you may not remember and they have practice passages. The new MCAT has moved away from pure memorization to more critical thinking skills. I have taken 3 full practice exams and found that I scored high simply because I knew how to read graphs and in
  9. Hi guys, Is there anyone in the Hamilton/McMaster area looking for an MCAT study partner/group? Reply to this thread or shoot me a message if you are interested! Thanks
  10. Thanks for the input guys! I wasn't going to take the risk in not disclosing it but just wanted to double check The thing is that I've already completed introductory Biochemistry (BCHM 218 at Queen's) during my undergrad which is very similar to CHEM 301 at Athabasca- it just so happens that CHEM 301 was in the OOP pre-requiste list while BCHM 218 wasn't. So my mental dilemma is that since I have already completed such a similar course why put in all the time and energy in completing a course that is no longer required for my application? But maybe that isn't the right way of thinking abo
  11. Hi guys, So I found out only a week ago that the UBC has decided to drop all prerequisites (except for English) for applicants (decision was passed Jan 21st). This sucked for me as I had applied to complete Biochem online (my only missing prereq) through Athabasca U in December and therefore I am ineligible for a refund or withdrawal without a permanent "W" on my transcript. I really want to withdraw from the course as I am only 2/13 done, and I can focus more on my research/ECs/TAing (I'm a first year MSc student) but I am afraid that this one W will be perceived as poor academic com
  12. Hi guys I apologize if this has been asked before but is there a GPA cut-off for MUN OOP applicants?I can't find it on MUN's website. From my understanding and research, MUN does not have an actual OOP cut-off for MCAT- is this also true for GPA? My last question is I know MUN views applications holistically, but do applications only go through full review after meeting GPA/MCAT thresholds based on applicant pool competition or does everyone receive a full file review? ( I would assume its the former case but just want to make sure) Thanks for any input!
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