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  1. I have decided against them as I am from BC and its going to cost A LOT more money if I go there. I might as well go to UBC or SFU. But, since U of T and McGill are in the top 50 worldwide, it will be more worthwhile spending money going there since its so much more reputable and the cities are much larger and there's more opportunities.
  2. Hey everyone, I got into U of T life science (trinity college) and McGill Biological, Biomedical and Life Sciences (as well as nursing but I don't think I will likely go into that program). I am waiting on UBC science but since I am in BC in a linear system, I won't get a decision until March/April. I also got into McMaster Life Science, Western's Medical Science, and SFU's biological science but I have decided against them...unless that was a big mistake and if it was please let me know. >.< I was thinking of doing a double major in Psychology/Immunology and physiology. Of
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