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  1. hi! is there some sort of facebook group for Mcgill premeds ?
  2. is there anything new with the admissions process?
  3. Given the COVID situation, many of the extracurricular activities/events/research opportunities that I had lined up for these next months have been cancelled, I was wondering if anyone knows of some good organizations that are looking for medical students for the summer? Also what are you guys doing during your covid-19 summer to make it productive? I know CARMS is a long way ahead for me (I'm a MED1), but since so many of my cool ECs got cancelled, I'm worried that I will waste these next few months and not build a strong CV. Thanks for your input
  4. hey guys, how did you upload all the pages of the immunisation document onto minerva??
  5. As for entrance scholarships (the one we do not need to apply for) how does that work and when do we find out if we get one?
  6. Hi everyone! I'm about to start Med1 in the fall and I currently have 2 jobs (around 15 hrs/week), I was wondering if many people work during medschool, if yes is it manageable?
  7. sorry for the late post, been busy pinching myself and crying all day!! TIME STAMP: ~14h30 pm (heart attack since 9 am)  Result: Admitted with condition !!! pre-reqGPA: 4,00 (redid my 4 basic pre-reqs at Athabasca, Thomson Rivers), old pre-req GPA was 3,01 MCAT: Not submitted Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): This was my 4th time interviewing at McGill, so I felt confortable with the process (I could've basically rehearsed their ppt slide), so I was a lot more relaxed and went in there being 1000% authentic (cheesy I know but its true). Felt like I
  8. Admitted with condition, anyone know what the conditions are?
  9. How many interview days were there this year? & how did everyone find the interview?
  10. Universitaire Bac non connexe complété, refusé . Ils m'ont calculé une cote de 34,235 ; une diminution de 0,2 comparé à celle qu'ils m'ont calculé l'an passé
  11. We understand that you may be disappointed in this outcome. McGill's Faculty of Medicine will disclose, upon email request, individual rankings for your applicant category up until the beginning of September of this Fall 2018 anyone get their ranking?
  12. i love this support group, i wish we could all meet up at a bar, have a drink and cry all together
  13. anyone have any experience with asking admission about their pre-reqs (ie. if their 4 university level courses were taken into account , etc)
  14. same here.. 3rd interview and 3rd rejection.. I know people say dont lose hope, but it's so hard to follow that after so many failed attempts. i'm gutted, enraged and feel like this is a big mistake, I really want to show up at the admissions office to ask for an explanation, I just cant wait for June to get a ranking
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