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  1. oh, what can I say? Other than, it really do be like that sometimes? I walked in, feeling like a dominant Lobster! Chest wide, standing tall, articulate in my speech. Walked out feeling.. ...To be Continued...
  2. just received my scores i got 19 PAT and and 21 AA. thing is I think my PAT is below average. do you think UofT will take me with a 4.00 GPA? I feel like i am below average since their median GPA last year was 4.00 according to some students i spoke to.. what do you guys think? i honestly dont see how I can get 19 PAT I'm diamond on LoL, thing is UofT doesn't give you anywhere in their application to talk about your extra curriculars so now I am worried...
  3. Ya that's not a controlled objective experiment, he knows 3 different people that go to the schools, but I've been to all 3 schools and tbh dal is the best so he should definitely let go of his uoft spot cuz mans r hungry
  4. I'm on the waitlist, so yaaa ew uoft is gross please go to Dal :)!
  5. Bruh, I'm a dental student but Im dirt POOR lol u should see my whip. Hope this answers your questions
  6. the interviewers can ask anything. You don't need a specific experience to get accepted, your passion for the field is often the most important :)!
  7. no one knows about the formula. But from all the 4.0s that I've seen get rejected, the interviews and personality test are 100% after getting an interview. But you're right. So far at uoft, get the numbers and you're guaranteed an interview. Most accepted applicants have a lot on their resume regardless, had they not been accepted to the program.
  8. that's not even a huge difference. Y'all needa relax for now and wait for the med acceptances to come out by May 8th, then it will pick up from there! Waitlist moves a lot every year, there's a lot of hope!!
  9. Is this true? How am I supposed to travel the world this summer then???? Guys! Any tips??
  10. Yes they usually update their FAQs on their website at the end of the year and statistics is on there
  11. 4.03 21/22/20 IP I honestly don't know how to feel right now...
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