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  1. Very minor changes. If I remember correctly you were in neurology? As an example, neurology ranked in the bottom 4 from a relativity perspective, so the ~500 neurologists in Ontario were essentially awarded an extra 5 million/year total to help with relativity (roughly 10k each lol). Laughable when a group of 5 optho/rads could essentially make that amount.
  2. Now I'm on the other side and putting one on....wishing someone other than me had answered last time haha. I wonder if it matters much in this market.
  3. You're not wrong, but just slightly over estimating the difference....30% is a bit of a stretch, maybe 20%. Really depends on speciality and center. The stipends from unis is often times negligible. Also, my staff finished at the same time I did yesterday, 7pm. You're right about teaching, but it seems the magic of brings a teacher wears off quickly for many people (however those that keep it are amazing)!
  4. Usually some combination of staff and residents. Often PD is one of the (many) staff involved.
  5. Are the special fee codes only for ER? Do GIM or subspec clinics done in evenings/weekends get bonuses?
  6. That's called. You're pretty much just leave it in the room that everyone sits in while waiting for their interview.
  7. So I was in your position but a bit later (maybe 2nd or 3rd year). The MD program told me to just finish the PhD, then start the MD. I did, but a slightly regret it. If MD is going to be a major focus on the future then the cost-benefit analysis for doing the PHT first listen to that great. There is a huge opportunity cost in the form of salary (25k vs 75) and relevance of you do it during residency vs as a grad student.
  8. I'm not the most knowledgeable person on the topic on these forums, but the big picture is some hypothetical good with lots of practical bad. The idea was the combine things to reduce duplicate overhead (less admins) which is a great idea. But what they did at the same time was also reduce total resources to a level lower than the amount they projected to save on admin. Admin is probably the biggest source of $$ waste in our healthcare system, but this approach isntt working very well.
  9. For a little balance, a major advantage is not having to deal with the disadvantages of capitation/salary models (lower productivity leading to longer wait times and possibly higher system costs because you need more docs to see the same number of patients, unequal work load burden, potential loss of autonomy).
  10. Seriously consider going the PA/NP route. You're life will be much better than trying the IMG route. The more I learn about PA/NPs, the more convinced I am that they are a much better ROI (for the person, not the net healthcare system) than medicine.
  11. I'll second, third, and fourth that :).
  12. But how will you be able to describe how late the AS crescendo peak is to your staff?!?!
  13. Don't buy an expensive stethoscope. Don't buy what the school reccomends. Anything but the highest end Litman is the same as other midrange (and much cheaper) scopes.
  14. I asked about this whole doing my PhD. I would have been supported by both sides, and I had connections in not departments, but the MD admin was adamit that I should just finish my PhD first, then apply. I might have been further along in my PhD though. If you just started, things might be different.
  15. Come to think of it, we're too often told not to consider any of the key factors that most people use to decide on a career (other than interest in theoretical subject matter).
  16. Agreed. While I appreciate getting shout-outs, remember there are a lot of great free sources. Here's one of mine, which forms of the basis what I teach everyone. If you master this you don't need to pay for training:
  17. Hmm...I don't recall. Probably my PhD supervisor.
  18. I think so. I was a CMAJ reviewer when I applied and included it on OMSAS.
  19. That is not what goes through anyone's mind when they're married lol. If you do, it's not actually a consequence of "not getting it out of your system", it's a personality thing.
  20. If you're happy with a six-figure job, I think you'd be insane to make the sacrifices that it takes to become and MD. Invest that opportunity cost and see how long it takes an MD to catch up.
  21. I will say anecdotally that half of the people that I trained for apps/interviews last year were from Guelph, and they all got in on their first cycle :S.
  22. It's pretty wide spread, just google it. Star and some st Catherine's paper have a searchable database.
  23. Yeah. I have no moral/religious objections but I've just never enjoyed the taste/feeling. For a short period of time in my 20s I thought I should start trying for social reasons. Still couldn't enjoy it. In a few short years it became cool/acceptable not to drink again. So just skip it. Also, bad for your health. Win win.
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