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  1. Some programs at some school do MMI scenarios that might be related....but you won't need to review the book for them.
  2. Can't believe this thread is still going.
  3. Beyond being unfair, I think it's hurting patients. Wait times in these specialities (despite not being hospital-resource intensive) reflect that. The flip side is that for the most part you know people who went into these specialties did so knowing they would be training longer for less money, which usually takes a certain type of person. I haven't met many people in neuro who aren't truly passionate for the field...it would be hard to sustain a (relatively) poor economic decision without that. Perhaps it makes for better doctors? Though I don't really think cardiologists are any worse just b
  4. I don't blame you. I think people are too idealistic when they get hung up on doing what they want at all costs...because it's unlikely that you'll always want to do what 25-year-old finds cool. Nice thing about family is the flexibility.
  5. There are a few 5yr+ specialties that make less-per-dat than thanily. Neurology, peds, PMR, psych. Although psych has improved a lot I don't think they are in this list anymore. And that's despite the fact that family has lots of flexibility in terms of how you spend your time and the level of income you chase.
  6. Similar numbers for Toronto versus further out into the GTA.
  7. The lifestyle of IR has changed the turf war quite a bit. For example, since it has become clear that the life style of interventional neuro is terrible and getting worse every year, IR and neurosurgery have bee less interested in protecting it from neurologists.
  8. Barely any med or surg questions. The amount of time you'd have to spend studying to get points from those sections just isn't worth it.
  9. Public health, ethics, organizational med
  10. OnlineMedEd for obsgyn, psych, peds. Toronto Notes for PHEOLM. That's it! Unfortunately you're really waisting your time if you study medicine or surgery.
  11. They are not particularly worse than others, but the entire industry is predicated on their customers' ignorance. It takes very little time to learn the basics that will get you better returns/quicker debt repayment than a advisor can get you. They charge major fees for being a middle man without much value added (except for saving you an afternoon's worth of work to ge up to speed, or just follow the steps that have been outlined over and over again by many people). Although MD financial gives free advice which could be useful for asking basic questions early on...just don't give them (o
  12. Join the physician financial independence group, learn super simple basics (much quicker & easier than anything you'll learn in medicine), and, stay away from MD financial.
  13. That's a tough spot to be in. I personally don't know anyone who made it with 3.0, despite the "EC" level being pretty high in my class.
  14. Not unless 1. Your cool taking a gamble with large sums of money and time 2. Your down to stay in Europe (which I think is a severely underrated option)
  15. If you're in Ontario, unfortunately you're penalized for working by reduced OSAP, so it's not worth it. Personally, I ran my own small business doing interview prep because it was something I was very familiar with and had a strong referal base (everyone wants to prep with whoever helped their friend get in, ha). During pre-clerkship I sometimes work 40+hrs/week (mostly evening and weekends). During clerkship I had to cut back, and never did more than 10hrs/week. Both of those are more than anyone would ever recommend (I don't recommend it either), but I was lucky and worked out well
  16. I don't think I misunderstood. I'm asking (not you directly) what the threshold is for how much better robots/AI will have to be, before we as a society are willing to accept not being able to blame "anyone" when it makes a mistake. And if we don't make that leep, will we be holding ourselves back from our progress, just to make sure there's a person behind each decision that can be held liable? I think we underestimate how soon we will have to deal with these issues. We tend to think linearly, whereas this stuff moves exponentially. That's just not how our brains are set up. I think we'l
  17. People often cite this as a reason. Why does a medical provider have to be sue-able? If, 100 years from now, automated providers are 10x more efficient/effective/safer, will we hold back progress just so we have someone or blame/sue? What about when it's 100x better? What's the threshold?
  18. The rules fluctuate a bit over time and across banks. If you're going into a two or three-year program, they will use your projected income. If you're going into a 5-year special team I technically can't use your projected income until second or third year. Most of them will allow you to use your LOC for your down payment, but they need you to sign paperwork to declare that it's actually a "gift" from family. I believe those rules are based on laws. BUT RBC seems to be trying to win back MD customers from Scotia, so they've figured out how to "legally" bend those rules so they use
  19. Radiology. Or engineering. Or better yet, combine radiology with engineering.
  20. If you could, people would be doing it already lol. That's the point.
  21. It's the volume permitted by the specialty. It's like adult neurology vs the rest of IM. The cases don't lend themselves to the same degree of "efficiency".
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