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  1. U of T did a great job explaining (maybe I missed Western's talk on this): OSAP ~ 14K UofT bursary ~6k But U of T's seemed to all be offered later in the year, whereas western's application was due in April. Western's was also so involved: even if you're independent of your parents it needed an insane level of detail on your parents.
  2. Thanks for all the insight NRC-ers. I've got 2 questions: 1. How are Niagra and Waterloo campuses interms of research? I have a background in wet-lab basic science research, and want to continue something in that stream (not so much patient survey-type research). Practically, would it make sense to attend anywhere but Hamilton? 2. Does anyone ever switch from Hamilton to one of the other campuses? Say my family moves to Waterloo during my 2nd year, would the admin allow me to move there?
  3. I agree...theres are many reasons why this shouldn't matter: -it looks like there goal is to see if you CAN read, think, and write -it looks like a pass/fail with very low cut off -it the first year using it, so is unlikely to be used as a strict criteria until they test and prove its worth All that being said...the irrational but still possible chance that they're actually using it this year, and that it has specific criteria with strict consequences is enough to get premeds (my self included) nervous. I guess we can't change things anyways guys. If you're worried (like I am), remember
  4. No, not at all! That's another important aspect. For comparison, my strategy was to read slowly and thoroughly, write meaningful bullet points, then synthesize those into a summary. The issue here of course isn't that we need to figure out the proper way to write it (anyone could do that), but different strategies take different amounts of time. I felt like mine was very fair and thorough, but took too long. I probably wrote the first half in paragraph form, and half was still point form. That being said, the point form was well written and logical, and if the goal is to pass/fail people
  5. Now that its all over, I was wondering if we could get a consensus on whether most people finished on time or not? I didn't (although I had point form for the rest of it). I was a little upset until a realized everyone in the room kind of groaned when the time ran out. How did people on the forum do?
  6. +1 for later grad interviews. I'm a PhD grad and I only received my invite last week (March 10). Good luck to the rest of you, it would be great to see plenty of grads there.
  7. Awesome resource. Is Part 1 of that resource still around somewhere?
  8. Looking for an in person partner. Let me know if you're in the area.
  9. Im April 3rd. How about you? PM me details on when you're available. Just going through sample questions. I'm here evenings and weekends. PM me details.
  10. April 3rd sure, but I don't know about anything before/after that
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking for practice in Hamilton/near Mac, let me know if you're in the area. Also, would like to join the skype group, PM me.
  12. Hi there, does anyone want to spend a LOT of time doing MMI in person an McMaster tomorrow (Thu Ma 3rd)?
  13. Anyone interested in doing mock MMI practice this week, either in person at McMaster or via Hangouts/Skype?
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