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  1. I don't by the geographical distribution part. I'm sure it contributes to a degree...but my wife and I literally phoned 50 female FM doc offices to try to find one for my wife, with no luck. We're well connected and live in a major med-school city. You could argue that it's her fault for wanting a female FM, but still....50? That experience just makes me doubt the distribution part of the argument.
  2. Most services are already operating above census. Fewer residents would make it impossible to handle current patient loads, unless they higher more mid-tiers. Hiring more mid-tiers requires more funding from governments. Governments are (mostly) in a deficit and are trying to spend less, not more. The only way specialty services get by caring for as many patients as they do, is on the backs of hopeful MDs. Ignorance is bliss (in med school and residency).
  3. Well someone's gotta supervise the NPs and sign the medical directives ?
  4. Definitely technically salvageable....the question is can you address whatever the problem was and make sure it doesn't keep happening.
  5. True. I guess what I was referring to was being away from family and friends for another 5 years (I've already been away for 8).
  6. Agreed. We are the only country among our peers without government rules capping the maximum number of hours/week.
  7. So I've studied most of the high yield stuff: PHEOLM, psych, obsgyn, peds, and gen surg (I know surg isn't high yield, but it was just convenient). What's left is basically medicine (yikes, lol). Would people suggest that I start grinding through TNotes/OME medicine sections, OR would the TNotes Family and Emergency sections be better for the acute/chronic management aspects of the LMCC? Thanks !
  8. Jeez that depressing :'(. About to start a 5 year specialty. That's always been in the back of mind.
  9. Good job keeping your debt to 70k. It's getting harder and harder to do that. As long as you're not doing residency in Toronto or Vancouver, it should be very possible to pay it off by your third or fourth year of residency. Then, with no debt and no dependents (yet) haha...you can enjoy a bit of freedom when you start your job.
  10. Also declined U of T (for McMaster). I also ranked them last for residency! Toronto isn't the end all be all.
  11. Agree with above. After doing my research, basically being a group plan carries a theoretical risk or benefit that the OMA board, made up of MDs who decide on insurance issues, changes things for the better or worse. To date there hasn't been any significant change, and the people who decided are our colleagues. Still a theoretical risk. But brokers blow it way out of proportion as a selling technique.
  12. Right... they're used to extending for PhD after and MD. But they don't understand what to do when it's the other way around.
  13. FINAL UPDATE It's been months of back and forth between the federal and provincial departments (both scratching their heads and blaming each other), and my local OSAP reps (who were really useless). As far as I can tell, things sat untouched for months at a time, until I got on the phone and pushed each of the 3 groups to start talking to each other aggressively. In the end, they finally realized that a PhD can be done before and MD, not just after, and awarded me about half the usual amount of OSAP for this year. They also reversed the interest charges that have been accruing. There
  14. FYI when I was applying in 2016, a friend on Mac's admissions committee told me that they had gotten rid of the grad student bonus bc it didn't really change anything (the grad students who got it were getting in anyways). Not sure if it changed. Either way good luck...the PhD > MD route is long. PM if you have any questions (especially if you plan on dealing with OSAP. They don't know how to handle us because they're used to dealing with people doing their PhD after their MD).
  15. Yes, I pay attention to climate science. Asides from my undergrad, I spent 2 solid years with some of the world's leading environmental scientists/climatologists at U of T. I'm very aware, thank you very much. I can't tell if you meant to be obnoxious or if you just couldn't help your self. I wrote a long response, but then realized it's not worth it. OP: The world, and life in it, continue to get better every decade. Now is the best time in history to be alive! So much has been done for so many problems world wide. I'm not saying that we shouldn't stay motivated to keep going, I'm just say
  16. The world gets better every decade. Our own troubles cement, but if you objectively look at the data, the world has improved immensely and continues to do so. Life expectancy, years of disability, malnutrition, poverty, homelessness etc.... Hard to find anything but hasn't continue to improve over time. If these conditions make you think that there is no future, how much more strongly should you have thought that 50, or 100, or 1, 000 years ago?
  17. Does anyone know if the practice exams available for purchase from the MCC website are representative of the content/difficulty of the actual exam (and not just the format?).
  18. Only major factors are 1. Mac spends BUTT TON of our tuition on VC that barely works 2. Some specialities are under represented. That being said, good friends of mine just did their electives elsewhere (like most ppl do) and matched well. There's no real dif in matching.
  19. I'm sure many are, though I haven't met many that are very inefficient. Even so, if that's the pace/style they operate at to stay safe and not burnout, I wouldn't want to raise the expectation so high that mistakes become more common and/or people burn out and drop out sooner.
  20. True but you must realize that degree inflation has hit medicine as hard as other sectors. I was surprised to find out recently just how many of my colleagues had graduate degrees or completely different careers before being able to get into medicine. And of course I'm the exception and not the rule, but I will have had 18-20 years of training (depending on fellowship), ALL of it more or less in my field (neuroscience, neuroplasticity, neurology) before I get to practice...and when I do, my net take home will likely also be 200k (per online stats and conversations with practicing neurologist f
  21. True but I think 500k is much more exceptional than you think, because the stats on thousands of family docs in Ontario demonstrates a much lower mean/median, and even the "hourly wage" analysis which factors in for hours worked lines up with that much lower norm.
  22. It's more that they apply to unique set of programs that most of the rest of the country can't apply to (french).
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