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  1. For 1st round students too? Could you expand on this? Haven't heard about it.
  2. Disability insurance. Even if I weren't to claim anything now, would it affect possibly claims 20-40 years down the road?
  3. Oh yea, not uncommon. Only restriction is personal interest, not demand. Waiting lists are huge. I know a few that do it.
  4. Things like anti-vegf are not a heavy upfront investments..and even they were, the ROI is beyond insane.
  5. Except there are things like medical retina, which pulls in as much as cataracts, but you don't need an OR, or much staff/fancy and expensive equipment. Lots of ways to make cataract-level money on the self-employed/private side of things. And yes...ophtho is home call! Everything but globe rupture or a detached retina is "I'll see it in the morning". It's not just a better life style than most surgical specialties...it's better than most medical specialties too!
  6. Insane income and great lifestyle. Lots of that income can be had without ORs, which means the job market can be great even you're going to be mainly "self-employed". Hard not to like.
  7. I see what you mean, given that the Royal college exam is only once/year, and finishing a full year year is basically impossible. Basically you could get yourself some free time to study or focus in a particular area. But that's it.
  8. Become friends with beans. Take a few days/weeks for your gut flora to shift and stop making you gassy. After that, you've found the holy grail of in terms of fast, easy, tasty, cheap AND healthy!
  9. True. Family/friends keep asking me if I'm done "Dr School" and it I can start working now +/- can I take shifts in family clinics/ER now. lol.
  10. I imagine it would be tough to shorten a 2 year program. I wonder if there is more freedom in programs like psych/PMR, which are 5 years and have some flexibility with regards to how you spend your time.
  11. Interesting. I assume there have been other examples other than the single ortho resident prior to 2015? I wonder how much more "possible" it is now that more time has elapsed.
  12. Has anyone heard of any residency being shortened thanks to CBD? It might be too early to tell given that Queen's and a few specialties only started in 2017, but I'm curious if there are any rumblings yet.
  13. Of course, that's the point. Providing a service that is in demand, ethically, in exchange for compensation. Nothing wrong with that! No reason to throw shade for someone being entrepreneurial with a side hustle that helps to pay out inflated tuition fees. Disclaimer: this has been my side hustle for years. Training on becoming a good applicant does NOT need "insider" knowledge. I've expanded my buisness from training med school applicants to corporate interviewees doing behavioral interviews. I use the same process and have the same success rate in both fields, no "insider" knowledge req
  14. Yeah I don't get why people have issues with coaching. Teaching interview skills and application strategy can be extremely helpful, and transformative for applicants. Thus, it's a skill/service that holds valuable. And you certainly don't have to do anything unethical to provide that service!
  15. Relax, read my last post I agreed with you lol. I don't usually dig into people's post history.
  16. Oh...didn't think it would be regular weekly service that would interfere...I mean it's still a legit part of their religion, but I guess we expect people not to take the weekly stuff as seriously. Ah well...@beebop, I guess you were right lol. Either way, I think we got the message across. Let's not be to harsh.
  17. Lol guys let's ease off a bit. I'm sure he/she understands by now. Religious discrimination is a big claim and not valid here. They probably are a very devoted person with something of particular significance that day. That truly truly sucks. But interviews aren't a "right" so they don't owe anyone an accomodation. It's just nice if they do it, but it's not discrimination. It just sucks, sorry dude :(. Come on...no one is trying to change an interview for a regular weekly service. Let's not be fasicious.
  18. If the nurse was some how involved in your circle of care (sometimes that's not always clear), then it's not really "unethical"...but if your case was just the topic of conversation, that's a little sketchy.
  19. I naturally assume that you're referring to the PhD in my name, haha. I'm sure my PhD helped, but I also received compliments on my interviewing style at almost every school. I've also trained 30 applicants over the last couple of years as a side-hustle. 28/30 of my students were accepted, and all of them adopted my style of boldly using the ethical principals (when they fit naturally, obviously you can't ALWAYS incorporate them well). It could be that my sample is biased/confounded, but I'm just speaking from my/my students experiences.
  20. Agreed. In the grand scheme of things though, these 2 weeks really don't matter.
  21. Possibly haha...but I doubt there is anyone manually inputting any codes or doing anything, it's likely all automated. Most likely just automatically takes the data that's input to their website from all parties and runs it thru the same code every year. There probably isn't anything to "double check". Although perhaps they give themselves this time to do a couple manual simulations just to be able to tell everyone that they do QC lol and therefore are worth the many millions they make every year.
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