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  1. I applied to OBGYN and Family Medicine programs. Some FM programs emailed me after the interview thanking me for applying and expressing interest in welcoming me to their program. For current residents; do these emails mean anything? Does this mean that the program has ranked you? For current applicants; have others received such emails from FM or OBGYN Programs? If so, from what programs?
  2. UofT modelling data shows social isolation could be in effect for months: https://www.freshdaily.ca/news/2020/03/canadian-experts-say-social-distancing-measures-could-be-effect-months/?fbclid=IwAR1_qWBVJBqb2NYJG3izRjdtUmkc66MpG3ltMxoB3AxtQMnqg_zYhaIjqOI
  3. Seems like there's a lot of variability with some schools pulling students for 3 weeks. Laval pulling clerks out till June 1.
  4. 3rd year clerks at schools who have paused clerkship: how is your school handling pause on clerkship? I’ve heard some schools in the States have done OSCEs online. Curious what Canadians schools are doing.
  5. Any idea when the online curriculum looks like for Queens 3rd year clerks? I think there will be a shift towards online education for clerks but curious how schools are going to implement this if clerks are on different streams and on such a short notice.
  6. Any ideas how schools can ensure completion of core clerkship for third year clerks before elective time in September?
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