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  1. Are there different waitlist tiers?? (high, normal, low or good and bad??)
  2. Are there different waitlist tiers? (high, normal, low). Is it safe to assume that everyone on the waitlist gets in considering there is so much movement?
  3. Sorry! I'm still a bit confused..there are people on the waitlist who will receive offers at other schools and get off the waitlist, I'm assuming that number doesn't take into account these people? Would it be safe to say that over 97 ppl on waitlist get in then?
  4. Did anyone else have stone faced interviewers at Schulich?? From what I heard talking to med students and other interviewees, Western interviewers are very friendly and warm for the most part so I wonder if it was just me or the interviewers...
  5. Just looking for some honest input...is it a bad sign if you take 30 sec-1 min to answer a question and be the first person to come out of the interview?? I appreciate honesty please.
  6. Just wondering how people feel post interview! Realized nobody really commented/reflected on this
  7. That helps!! but since they reduced it from 10% to 5% then maybe it's not as guaranteed anymore....:/ do you think they'd have interviewed fewer
  8. Hey guys, I'm an OOP applicant and interviewed at Manitoba a couple weeks ago and I must say i was pretty impressed with the hospital and facilities. I noticed in the stats thread that 20 out 26 OOP interviewed were offered admission...is it safe to say that as long as you felt good about your interview and have high stats, you're likely to get in? (any current students' input welcome)
  9. It doesn't really make a difference how long we have to wait...it's only one month longer..
  10. Hey guys, I am just wondering, if you get accepted into one school and get placed on the waitlist for another school (which is your first choice), could you withdraw from the school for which you paid the security deposit? Say, if I get into Calgary Med but waitlisted for Western, can I withdraw from Calgary (even after paying the deposit) to go to western? is that allowed?
  11. And I agree with the personal example idea..it's the only way to make the interview interesting and set yourself apart from others
  12. I've heard the first question they ask as soon as you sit down is "why do you want to attend Schulich medicine"...
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