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  1. It is a month long. So it would be best to finish it and then make a decision?
  2. I am not sure what sort of career I would go into if I stopped being a paramedic. That would be a whole new topic. Do you think I should keep trying to be successful as a paramedic or look for something else?
  3. I have been a paramedic for a year. I went to school for it and did decent during the writing part but not as well in my clinical time but I still got through it. I only work about 4-8 shifts a month and I am not improving at it, I'm not getting better. I thought that if I kept going with it, it would get better but it has not. I am not happy with this job any more but I can't tell if it is because of my lack of experience or the fact that I am not good at it. Also, my manager has just put me through a mentorship program and it is just about to start to help me improve at my job (so clearl
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