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  1. You should put it right before ending the sentence where you first mention the activity instead of at the end of the essay.
  2. It does not have to be advocating for healthcare or a similar field. Look for something you actually care about, and go find opportunities there. It could be environmental issues, social justice issues, or anything else that you want to advocate for. Once you find what you are interested in, you will find it easier to look for relevant long term volunteer opportunities and actually make a difference while you are at it, instead of just doing it for what med schools might need.
  3. I would use a credible verifier like a professor or supervisor who is familiar with your experience.
  4. I think there are a few factors you should look at: 1. Program- the undergrad programs are relatively the same for different universities, but still do your research. 2. Opportunities- some schools provide students with more opportunities for research and EC involvement, which is also dependent on the school's location 3. Location- See which location works best for you. Do you want to live at home and commute or live on/off campus? 4. Expenses- Calculate the potential expenses such as moving, renting, commuting, tuition, etc. 5. Campus- Campus tours can really help you finalize the d
  5. No, your referees will not know which schools you are applying to. Unless you have also used them as a verifier for an activity and they are contacted by the school to confirm the activity!
  6. I think it should be fine since you know the person on a professional level and not a personal level, and they are a very distant member of your family.
  7. I believe what NeuroticDoodle is trying to say is that the experiences of a student from a low SES background in Canada will be different from those of someone who grew up in US. So I'm not exactly sure how the admissions committee would treat them, but I think a US applicant would have more experiences to relate to being from a low SES background. They would be able to better illustrate what they had to do in order to get educated and support their families/themselves, how those experiences helped them mature/learn, and why they should be considered underprivileged in the application process.
  8. Given how unique your situation is, i doubt anyone here will be able to help much. You should send as much information to the dean as you can to show that you are healthy. Hopefully that will resolve the situation. It is very unfortunate, and I hope it gets resolved! Good luck
  9. yes, you would count as a master's student. I would add albert einstein and george washington
  10. I am going into my first year of medicine, and I am wondering what the best time to start shadowing and exploring my career options is. Also, is shadowing mostly just to get a sense of what I would want to specialize in, or do people also shadow to develop connections, get references and experience?
  11. For Atlantic bridge for Ireland schools, here is some info: 1. Only request an application when you think you will have time to fill it in. Your deadline to apply is a few weeks after you request the application (so it is different for every applicant), after that deadline you have to pay extra for your application. 2. The application itself is very straightforward. 3. Some schools do not interview you, might just accept you without an interview. 4. It is competitive as well (of course not as bad as Canada or US), so do not leave it till the end. Apply early. 5. When th
  12. I thought I would cry but it took a long time for the good news to settle in, so I never ended up crying
  13. Last I checked, Wisconsin didn't accept internationals. Not sure if it has changed, I might be wrong.
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