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  1. Hey guys! Does anyone know the address of the Outaouais campus? I can't seem to find it online. Also, if anyone knows - will the fact that "24 new students will inaugurate the Outaouais campus" mean that there are 24 extra places added? Or does it simply mean that they maintain the same number of spots and accepted group will be subdivided between these two campuses? Thank you!
  2. Are any of you fine people accepted to the MD-PhD program and potentially considering refusing their offer?
  3. Does Minerva say admitted when it changes or does the "name confirmed on waitlist" just dissapear
  4. Did you see a change in minerva status or get an email?
  5. Did you see a change in minerva status or get an email?
  6. Does anyone know when the waitlist should start moving? I'm guessing this Monday?
  7. Next IP that is waitlisted for MD-PhD or just MDCM that is offered a spot?
  8. Might as well make headway. Anybody else bad tripping?
  9. If you're waitlisted above 40, you're basically screwed eh?
  10. Hey everyone! I had a question about the MMI that maybe someone can give some insight into... Without divulging any detail about the situation, a task was required of us in a situation, and in the moment, I felt that it was not the right thing to do to go about "pursuing" that task. And so I didn't really try to complete it...But looking back, I'm thinking that was a horrible idea because the evaluators now has nothing to evaluate me on. Does anyone have any insight into this? Would this in general produce a very poor grade for that situation?
  11. Does anyone know the approximate number of candidates that are pre-interview waitlisted?
  12. After conferring with other anxious people, you've been deemed correct.
  13. since they rank from best to worst, the # might actually reflect your ranking
  14. What numbers did you guys get as the application number "(# xx)"/"(no. xx)" in your notice of decision email? This might help us figure out the waitlist system/ where we stand :p
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