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  1. If you apply in 4th year, UofT would drop your worst year (as long as it wasnt the most recent year) so that would be your best 2 years
  2. Does anyone know anyone who is still planning on dropping their UofT offer but hasn’t yet?
  3. UofT waitlist is at 27. edit: I’m not 27 I just called to ask what it had moved
  4. Anyone know what the waitlist is at for UofT? Second deposit is due soon I believe.
  5. Hmm I’m not sure either. I would say your best bet is to make an individual post on the forums and hopefully someone else has been in your position and can answer.
  6. If you're referring to how do I know they satisfy UofT's requirements, I applied to UofT this year and got an interview lol But I knew before hand from previous forum posts.
  7. I also say go to dal because I’m on the wl for uoft lol But no in all honesty why go with the school you’re least familiar with? Seems counterintuitive. Also there have been many discussions on these forums about the significant debt acquired from attending dental school and how it is becoming more and more difficult for new grads to pay off their loans. Like cleanup said dental school is what you make it, living in Toronto might be more fun but I think you should also consider whether the “Toronto experience” is worth the extra financial burden. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Wow seems like Schulich is really moving while U of T has stalled at 6
  9. Yes they give a “bonus” to your file
  10. this year the average was 3.93 .. not sure what the cutoff was but there were a few masters students who posted they got in with sub 3.85 gpa
  11. At this point last year WL had moved 9 spots .. so not a huge difference considering acceptances came out WAY earlier this year.
  12. My friend got into McGill as an OOP and didn’t get into Ontario schools. Keep in mind though that starting this year McGill will require the DAT including the manual dexterity portion. Also the latest DAT they will accept is February 2018.
  13. ^Thats correct. Saskatchewan and Western consider September - April an academic year.
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