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  1. Hi everyone, I am curious to know - if you are currently in practice and get the opportunity to reenter a residency program, would you do it? What factors would influence your decision? What field of medicine would you leave and what would you consider re-entering in? Feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss in private. Thanks!
  2. Any thoughts on the UofA urology program? Reasons for not matching two spots?
  3. How is physiatrist lucrative? Aren’t patients super complex with neurological and musculoskeletal deficits requiring long consultations?
  4. Unfortunately, the Canadian system is not very forgiving and in most cases doesnt allow for transfers or switch of specialties after
  5. Why is that? I thought US took lots of IMGs. Wouldn't they prefer Canadians over IMGs from other places?
  6. It is not true that you can match to family without any electives, even if you are willing to go everywhere. You most definitely do need to do at least 1 elective in family. Perhaps do 1 in FM and 1 in EM and the rest in rad?
  7. What are some training programs or electives to consider doing for GP psychotherapy?
  8. Personally I wonder if I would have enjoyed a job where I sat in an office and worked on a computer more than medicine... Medicine can be rewarding if you have enough time with patients.. but in today's day and time, it is simply mentally and physically taxing, especially when you have little time/patient and you are forced to see patient-to-patient, sometimes every 5-10 minutes. The documentation and paperwork in family medicine is usually overtime work that is poorly compensated, so it is not an adequate comparison to what is entailed in other office type jobs.. Additionally, you w
  9. Do both RBC and Scotiabank provide a 24 month grace period after residency/fellowship for repayment? or is the grace period after graduation from medical school? I know for RBC its 2 years after residency (http://www.rbcroyalbank.com/services/student/medical-dental-credit.html), but cant figure out for scotiabank.
  10. Is this for real? This would significantly limit the ability of those that want to transfer; they will be eligible for less spots and perhaps not for the specialty that may have been made available to them through one stream.
  11. First of all, I am really sorry to hear that. CaRMS is a mystery. As a next step, I would email the PDs across the country for the competitive specialty and/or FM, inquiring if they have any feedback on your application. You can say that you received great feedback from someone at their school. Message me if you have any questions.
  12. Why is the job market for peds neuro not great? There is such a huge demand for it... In my city, there are none.
  13. Are there any US schools that are Canadian friendly for residencies?
  14. I wish I could help. But I felt the exact same way as you throughout clerkship, and continue to feel the same way in residency.
  15. Can you switch one of your non rad electives to family medicine? Family Medicine is becoming increasingly competitive. One elective would help tremendously.
  16. Are there many such people unhappy with the extra spots?
  17. To be honest with you, I would keep this reference as a last resort. I do think that there is hidden stigma and discrimination against Muslims, from my personal experiences, and I would be hesitant to advise you to use this reference letter. As unfortunate as that may be.
  18. I don’t personally have experience with either of these programs, but I would pick UofM, as they have amazing surgical residency programs that UofS doesn’t (ex, neurosurg, plastics, cardiac, vascular) and someone already mentioned peds as well. Winnipeg also has a great food scene!
  19. Why is the value for 25,000 Scotia points less than the value for 15,000 RBC points?
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