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  1. uWorld is definetly the most efficient method I found back when I was studying for my retake. The explanations to the answers are golden, take all the time you need to understand them. The AAMC stuff is good, as is expected, but the explanations are not nearly as useful. Another thing I found very useful were practice tests from nextstep and AAMC. They are a fantastic way to consolidate content. Do at least 3-4 of them, more if you have time. I went from 503 to 516 in about 3 months, so anything is possible! My background was in mechanical engineering, which isn’t of much help for the MC
  2. Engineering will grant you a very small bonus like stated, but the admissions office told me it almost negligeable. Don’t count on this to significantly change your chances. If you want to know how you compare in terms of gpa, you should convert it to 4.0. The way mcgill does this is they give A+=4.0 and A=4.0. Just go through your transcripts and add everything up. If your transcripts are number-based, you should contact them to know how to calculate your equivalent gpa. Your workbook and CV are actually quite important. My guess is the standard deviation on the applicant’s gpas is
  3. I think the advice to keep the material most similar to the real test for last is a good advice in general, but less so for CARS. Since you don't have to remember anything, what counts the most is the process, the technique of reading, understanding and answering. TPR Hyperlearning was pretty good I thought, and so was EK 101 passages (although some answers were not following quite the same type of reasoning as AAMC. Gut feeling!). Time yourself and do it like the real exam. If you know you can get a good score on the AAMC material, just keep working out on any passage. To be honest you mig
  4. The strongest AI (and thus outperforming humans 100% of the time) are the ones built without human intervention. You set the rules, and through a self-reinforcement learning algorithm, the program learns what works and what doesn't by trial and error. This is easy to apply to games for example: you set the rules (chess, go, checkers, whatever) and let the program self-play for 50 million or 100 million games. You then get the best decision maker one could ever imagine for that specific problem. The issue with medicine is that we unfortunately don't have the luxury to let the the algorithm figu
  5. Reviving bis. Je viens de faire ma demande pour l'année préparatoire 2018-2019 à l'UdeM. Ils m'ont calculé un montant considérable de bourse. J'avais déjà demandé 12 mois au premier cycle en 2010 et un autre 8 mois de 2e cycle vers 2013. N'oubliez pas qu'il y a une limite en durée ET en montant d'endettement. C'est peut-être la limite d'endettement qui vous bloque. Si c'est le cas, regardez si rembourser vos prêts gouvernementaux avec votre marge de crédit fonctionnerait!
  6. Avec Thompson Rivers University, tu peux t'inscrire à la plupart des cours sans avoir fait le préalable. Donc oui, tu t'inscris à tout en même temps et après tu les faits séquentiellement. C'est self-paced, alors ils s'en fou si tu fais rien dans un cours pendant 1 mois parce que tu es en train de faire les autres. Si tu es un génie, tu peux bien les faire tous en parallèle! Il faut juste vraiment bien prévoir tes examens finaux puisque tu DOIS t'y inscrire au moins 1 mois à l'avance et il n'y a que 6 jours par mois de "semaine d'examens". Il faut vraiment survoler toute la matière attentivem
  7. Haha moi aussi ma chimie ça été un semi-désastre! Je l'avais sous-estimé, je crois qu'il y avait plus de matière qu'au cégep. J'ai écris mes 3 examens début juillet. J'ai fait physique, chimie et la moitié de bio en 4.5 semaines... Je ne recommande pas cette cadence à personne! Si t'as des questions en physique, hésite pas et envoie moi un message! J'ai un fort background en science et je viens de finir le cours. Mais à voir que l'UdeM ne t'ont pas demandé de refaire bio, je vais devoir aller leur parler pour qu'ils revoient leur critère parce que ça fait 10 ans que je fais de la physique e
  8. Cool! Do you know if you can search across many different "notebooks" or whatever they're called in notability? That might make me use notability instead of onenote. I just found out my school does not accept Surface Pro for test taking, but I really wanted to use OneNote on the surface. I'm trying to find a good solution, and the search feature across all the notes you've ever taken is really important to me! Thank you
  9. Some videos where they analyze passages are more than an accurate representation. I won't say more.
  10. Well, how confident you feel about your answers can be misleading. To this day, there are still explanations I don't agree with in the practice tests I've taken (very few, but still). In any case, if your confidence somehow reflects how well you did (and that's not a given), you should definitely feel very confident on most passages, and then maybe 1-2 passages where you think you might have made some mistakes. Sometimes I was making only 3 mistakes and getting 129-130. Best of luck!
  11. Voici quelques infos qui me viennent en tête: - UdeM et McGill sont vos deux seuls choix réalistes au Québec. UdeS se rapproche tranquillement, mais ça prend encore un bon 4.15+ pour peut-être décrocher une entrevue (estimation très subjective!) J'ai suivi l'évolution de ma cote calculée sur 3 ans. J'ai eu une entrevue à UdeM avec ~4.0. McGill, c'est possible mais j'ai appliqué dans le contingent NTP (cegep expiré) et là ça prend un CV de béton et je n'ai pas eu d'entrevue. - Les programmes de génie sont un peu traîtres pour ceux qui y mettent leur coeur et leur âme dans les projets
  12. Dans le même ordre d'idée, vous savez quels sont les livres pour la premed?
  13. 30k in a year might be hard to to, even if you live very frugally (with flatmates for instance). I don't know how much tax credit you can get. To be honest, I think it's more realistic to aim for 2 years, In which case you would still have to live pretty frugally.
  14. I would tend to be cautious with such assumptions. For example, it has been shown that the score on the bio section of the MCAT shows a decreasing correlation with performance in med school, whereas performance on CARS shows an increasing correlation. Now I understand this is different than grades IN med school vs. clinical performance and an argument could be made that it needs proper study, but it still basically says: "your prior knowledge of biology doesn't help you perform any better", which most people would assume is not true. Anyways, you can hear Dr. Ian Walker talk about it at a
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