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  1. Thanks for the reply! I haven't sat for the MCAT yet. I'm waiting until Summer 2018 to sit, after I've taken more science courses. I was hoping to potentially, move from Ontario in May 2018, get my residency established over the summer of 2018, and then apply in September 2018, in-province. However, I don't want to make that jump without feeling like I'd get an interview. I'm quite confident once I get to that point that I can hold my own. In order for me to get into Ontario schools, I have to complete my BSc entirely, and I lose my advantage of extracurriculars being weighted as
  2. Hi all, I wondered if you all might be able to chance me for UBC, both out of province and in-province. (Ideally, I'd do OOP, but I think my GPA is too low.) The following is me: BA in English - Graduated 78.9 raw, adjusted is 80.8 (with this degree) I wrote an undergraduate thesis. It was the USA, so that was a task, converting it. I'm going to start in the fall on a BSc in Biomedical Science. I plan to ace all pre-reqs, though I'm not sure they'll count toward GPA, I know it'll demonstrate my science skills. Here's the long list of extracurriculars; I'm 29-years-old, so I have had s
  3. Sounds like another undergrad in science, with an RA, and NSERC Grant is better than the MPH. (Hopefully a first authorship and poster presentation, too.) Thanks, all!
  4. Really? So it's not separate at all? Yowza. I was under the impression a masters was it's own weight. That's a huge factor. Thanks!
  5. Really? See, all the Doctors I work with at UHN say the MPH is far better than another undergrad. Anyone else? Undergrad or MPH?
  6. I know this isn't necessarily the place to do it, but I know you lot might be willing to help. TL;DR: I want to get into med school. I'm 29; I have a BA in English. I need another degree to make myself competitive. What are my chances of getting into U of T's Masters of Public Health? (Read attached CV. Yeah, I know this is for medical schools specifically, but you lot are responsive more so than on Grad Cafe's forums. I need to know because I am being offered a funded opportunity to get another bachelor's degree from Ryerson, but have to decide TOMORROW. Do I hold out and hope I get into MP
  7. I had this same dilemma. What I decided to do was take the courses I felt would best prepare me for the MCAT. I'm taking: Chem I and II Organic Chem I Bio I and II Psych I and II and Biochem I I figure that'll be enough to show my commitment to my med school aspirations while also prepping me for MCAT. So far I've earned A- or higher, which will hopefully buffer my GPA. If you have the time and money, I'd take SOME science courses.
  8. I took Chem II there just this summer with Dr. Greenberg. She's incredible; I HIGHLY recommend her. The course was tough to condense into 6 weeks, but I scraped out an A- after long days of studying. I'm going to assume Chem I is on-par. Not easy, but certainly not impossible to get a decent mark. Most of my friends earned Bs, and a few earned in the A-range.
  9. Thanks for that. Do you know OMSAS drop "lowest" credits at all like UBC, and do you know what the breakdown typically is post-interview on how they score applicants? Much appreciated!
  10. Hi all, Just trying to get my feel for chances at Mac. I'm a PR of Canada, but did my undergrad in the U.S. (I'm a resident of Ontario.) I'm a non-traditional student. I have a BA in English, with an overall, raw GPA of a 3.4. I'm currently enrolled in University here as a non-degree seeking student, fulfilling "pre-requisites"—i.e. all my science courses. So far, I've been earning high marks. I know that Canadian grading scales are different, and that my undergrad is a HUGE disadvantage. If I'd done undergrad in Canada with the same scores, I'd have roughly a 3.9. I'm going to be at t
  11. Does anyone know if Ontario still gives any regard to those of us who did undergrad in The States? (Anyone who's done it, let me know.) If they don't do anything to adjust the GPA accordingly, any idea how they select which school to base our GPA on? I know for UBC, they have a conversion chart and allow for you to give an explanation for grades from OOP schools. My university's grading scale is as follows: A 100-95 4.0 A- 94-90 3.67 B+ 87-89 3.33 B 83-86 3.0 B- 80-82 2.67 C+ 77-79 2.33 C 73-76 2.0 C- 70-
  12. Hi all, Does anyone know of the GPA conversions or have a link to a GPA conversion chart for those of us who did undergrad in The States? I've found charts with ease from other med schools, but am having a harder time with McMaster. Thanks in advance!
  13. Does anyone have the formula for calculating AQ? Sorry, new to the boards. Planning on applying in '18 and wrapping my head around everything.
  14. I totally get that. Imagine once your kids are old enough, and you're done with school . . . My happiest memories growing up were going on bike rides with my father. When I was in my early and mid-twenties, we rode together at least once a week, group rides, solo rides, etc. Nothing like a 100 mile ride with your dad/mom/parental figure and a post-ride smorgasbord. You can hook 'em while they're young. May the weather be suitable for riding and you find some free time this year!
  15. Well, that makes it easy. Can't get into ON schools, so UBC or bust!
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