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  1. Does anyone know when the "Don't Panic Guide" gets posted? Is that what tell us the orientation week schedule?
  2. Anyone have any input on the HP Spectre 360? I think that's my top contender right now.
  3. I can confirm this, Carolyn from Admissions has said that historically the OOP waitlist moves 10-15 spots on average. You can also check the AFMC yearly reports to see total numbers of offers declined at each Canadian medical school. Since there's usually around 35 declined offers at Dal, and the IP waitlists don't move a ton, you can assume the bulk of declines come from OOP students. https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/documents/en/Publications/AdmissionsBook2016-Final-EN.pdf
  4. Thought I'd start a poll for waitlisters.
  5. No I'm not sure, but I'm sure someone on here has asked Carolyn that question at some point
  6. I think there are roughly 20-25 spots on the waitlist for OOP applicants but that's just a guess, and Carolyn has said that on average the OOP waitlist moves 10-15 spots
  7. Yup, I noticed that mine changed multiple times too
  8. OK thanks, I was worried it was just mine haha
  9. I just went on the Dal website to double check the date that my MCAT scores were received, and its bringing me to their page to start a new application and 'select an application type'.. Is anyone else having the same issue? Can anyone double check theirs to see if they can view their application status?
  10. I believe the rule is in place to prevent you from doing exactly what you're planning on doing unfortunately hah. It's quite common for students to enter into MSc programs to make themselves more competitive for med school, with the intention of immediately dropping out if given a med school seat (I know a couple people who have done this). This gives the supervising MSc professor the short end of the stick as they've wasted a year-ish training a new researcher, so it's probably a mix of academic ethics, showing commitment to something you've agreed to etc. - some schools have this rule, o
  11. Wow that's pretty surprising, I would've thought they'd give a bit more insight than that. Did they at least provide the score breakdown for the supplementals and essay to see which category was hurting the total score?
  12. Yup, same boat. More darkness ha..
  13. Pretty much.. I wish they weren't so secretive about it hah, I think most people would rather just know their position/how much the list is moving instead always being in the dark. BTW has any wait-lister been able to schedule a feedback session?
  14. Anyone hear anything? I tried to get some info from admissions today about how many waitlist offers they've sent out, but as expected they're playing it close to the chest
  15. Looks like we're all in the same boat. A friend of mine at Dal knows someone who was accepted off the IP waitlist (before OMSAS waitlist offers started going out), but hasn't heard anything else besides that.. hopefully there's just an administrative delay or something because yeah it seems odd that it's still so quiet.
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