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  1. I’m curious to see what the pass rate published on NDEB’s website will be! I have heard as well that a lot of people have failed the exam across Canada..much more than in previous year’s
  2. the exam had a 35% pass rate? says who?
  3. When you took out a student line of credit (currently 350k for medical students), were you limited in how much money you were able to take out per year? Please specify which bank you went with and if there was a limit per year. Apparently it varies per bank (asking about Ontario).
  4. That's not entirely true, Australia's schools start in February so a graduating high school student will wait 8 months before being able to start. Then they wait 3 months after graduating dentistry before receiving their NDEB results so really it takes 6 years after high school to complete everything. It only really makes sense if you know you won't get in after 4 years of undergrad and you would have to complete additional schooling for a chance at a Canadian school, but no one knows that in high school. I would recommend working hard in undergrad and trying your chances in Canada.
  5. if family doctors working their butt off can gross 750k, hard working surgeons can gross in the millions, no?
  6. I heard mgcill also has a very high rate of graduates failing the board exams..nice to lookout for that
  7. anyone know if this is slower or faster than last year?
  8. Sorry, I was looking mostly at Manitoba, I'm not sure about the other schools
  9. This doesn't include instrument fees either, you can add 40k for all 4 years to each school
  10. FHO docs are averaging $406 000 gross income while working 3.5 days a week. That's more than most specialists, no wonder the government is looking to claw back their income.
  11. isn't overhead for ophthalmologists relatively high compared to other specialties as well? something like 50%...
  12. What are the chances of getting in if you get an interview? How many do they interview and how many are accepted/waitlisted. Anyone know?
  13. do all hospital based jobs have no overhead?
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