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    I would say look at one of the perspectives that they give you, try your best to understand it before looking at another perspective and imagine in your mind what you might be able to expect when looking at the next perspective. Then, look at the second one, cross reference them a couple times, making sure you have a good idea of what the object really looks like. Pay close attention to width of structures, dotted lines, and dimensions all around. They'll often try to trick you with an option that is a mirror image of the correct one or something like that, or thats missing a plane or detail. 
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    Are you just having difficult knowing how to approach the questions?  They always show 2 of 3 possible perspectives in the left corner. Your task is to imagine an object in the missing perspective, either T, F or E. So if they show you Top and Front, you'll need to imagine what the end looks like. its easiest to imagine the object from the top first. Think of it as though you're looking down at it by standing above it. Next, imagine you maintain your position, but that you crouch down on the ground and look at it from the prospective that your legs or your feet would have. Thats the Front end. You would then take a step to your right, move around the object and crouch again, looking at the same level that you were looking at from the front, but you're now looking at the side of the object (the end view). The dotted lines represent lines, holes or shapes which are relevant to the object as a whole, but that are below or behind the plane you're currently viewing. So like if you imagine looking at the end (side) view of a sofa, you'd have dotted lines appearing on the seat, which you wouldn't actually be able to see, but you would need to know that that plane is there behind the arm, which is preventing you from seeing the seat. Keeping the sofa analogy, the part where your legs (your calves) would touch the couch, thats the front end. And looking down at the seat is obviously the top view.
     Not sure if thats the help you're looking for. Feel free to PM me with any questions. 
    Also, I would recommend the cDAT manual for help, if you're writing the Canadian DAT. That and IQ Publications manuals. I found they most closely resembled the actual test. 
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    Owners can hire whoever the hell they want haha. It's like law firms only hiring from specific law schools, right?
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    Australia, New Zeland, Ireland, US graduates can practice in Canada....some employers (minority) try to be OVER-THE-TOP selective in the recruting department. from personal experience, Irish and Australia dental students have been more exposed to clinical dentistry than SOME canadian students. In fact, it is standard policy for Canadian students to try to sneak into the labs on the weekends (or after classes) to expose themselves to certain procedures and build up speed because, they don't get enough practice during school hours. Note this behavior is mostly pronounced in year 3 and year 4 when we actually have patient feedback about our speed and posture. bottom line, you WILL find many jobs and YOU have to turn some down, not the other way around (as long as you have earned your accredited degree from one of the countries mentioned above).
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    I thought so, but I was also thinking that if they're qualified to practise in Canada (either through the equivalency process or studying in an accredited school), it means they got the necessary training and there should be no judgement?
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    This post +1. 
    I won't call anyone out, but there are some predents in this thread with a weaker filter, belaboring a specific point that they're worried. To all reading this thread, this entire thread is far more predent heavy in terms of comments, compared to actual dentists.
    Predents, go back and read the comments by the actual dentists. 
    Malkyn works 3 days per week by choice, and loves it
    Ostracized from what I gather works right in Toronto, and although has seen income decline, has no regrets and would do it again
    Mightymolar who owns multipe practices, and is setting themselves up for a great retirement
    troothfairy, who knows those working in Alberta making 300-400k
    I work 5 days per week in the GTA and will likely earn 185k in my second year of practice working right in the GTA, close to Toronto
    There is tons of great content in this thread - both positive and negative in terms of dentistry. But if you read through the thread and try to identify and focus on the posts by the actual dentists, not the less informed predents, you'll see we're all pretty positive. OK, enough defending dentistry - if you're not convinced after reading this thread, try talking to actual dental students / dentists in person. Who knows, maybe after discussion you'll determine dentistry isn't for you
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    It is important to qualify the idea that we already have too many dentists, and we don’t do enough to incentivize dentists to open practices in underserved rural areas. 
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    I know this question was raised but I think comparing with other professions is distracting from our own issues, as the vast majority of us don't have first hand experience in other fields.
    Good on you for having that entrepreneurial spirit, but a "CEO style" path is not the norm and will never be. So while that may be a good choice for a few individuals (ie self benefiting), it is not realistic to have students or pre dents believe that it is a viable sustainable path for the whole industry.
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    now the real question is...should I go international or try my chances here first
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    only me and the owner here and we are just 20min away from downtown core, so it is quite competitive area
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    I work as a full time associate dentist, 36 to 40 hours per week, and my billing is around 1200 - 2200 per day, at the moment. So with 40% deal, i made around 500 - 1000 CAD per day. I consider dentistry as a stable source of income; meanwhile, I gradually upgrading my equity and commodity trading skill Last month, I flipped the volatility index ETF and made 6000 in less than 24 hours during Brexit. One day, my trading skill and wealth will be enough for me to work one day per week as a dentist  ... or probably an owner That's the ultimate goal for me lolz
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    Easier for an orthodontist though, they're not as saturated. However, in 10 years, for GP's, I see them at the same level as pharmacists, job opportunity wise. Salaries will continue to drop, and the dentist/population ratio will skyrocket leading to declining income. It's already at like 120k, it'll probably drop to 80 by then. Take away tax and loans and you're left with ~50k to start a family and enjoy your life after 4 hard years of studies (excluding undergrad and countless nights studying + stressing about admission). I would literally choose any other career if that's the case. 
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    If it makes you feel any better you guys could always try joining the dental officer program with the military, they pay for your tuition and give you a yearly salary during school and you have a guaranteed 140k salary after you graduate. I've always wanted to be a part of the forces and i figured this was the best contribution I could make while also pursuing my passion and possibly staying here in ottawa (no guarantees), however i understand that the military is not for everyone. 
    As for this thread its too depressing, I'd rather dig my head in the sand as dumb as it might sound. 
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    member_225 got a reaction from Clapton in The Future Of Dentistry Is Cr*p...   
    Yea, don't get me wrong, 100k is a good salary, but unfortunately not for dentistry. Dentists are supposed to be professionals who trained for 4 years of their life studying non stop and stressing over competitive admissions....and taking on considerable debt... it's not worth it!
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    Damn... Every time I come around, I feel depressed about my future.
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    For Ontario, the only thing that is affected is your eligibility for the UofT wGPA. You have to take 5.0 credits between sept-april
    - Western will take your 2 best years that contain 5.0 credits each. The credits must be within Sept-April.
    -Queen's is the most recent 2 years and they consider 3/5 courses per term as a full course load.
    - Ottawa 5.0 credits and you can use the summers to fill in semesters that don't have 5 courses per term
    - Mac you'll be fine
    not too familiar with OOP schools, but I think you're fine in terms of their weighted Gpa calculations. Someone else can confirm the OOP schools
    So to sum it up, the only thing that 4 courses per term in first year affects (long-term) is your UofT wGPA. Unless you have a circumstances that you can document to them, youre ineligible for UofT wGPA.
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    member_225 reacted to HappyAndHopeful in No English Courses   
    No problem!
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    You now have perspective and know what you have to do.
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    Yea you're right I'll talk to her the next time I'm there and we'll see if we can work something out. We can always keep in touch too...she has my email and i have hers so if she needs me I'm pretty sure she'll tell me, I was a real big help. 
    Anyway, thanks for the insight, I really appreciate it:)
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    Is the answer to move on to another position once I get the chance and forget about this one?
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    member_225 got a reaction from WomboCombo in Gross Revenue   
    That's very true. Are you a dentist or a dental student? you seem to be very knowledgable 
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    member_225 got a reaction from Dentiste in Dmd Ulaval   
    Oh I just checked the website's FAQ's...you're right. 
    Wait, so you're in the last cohort of applicants with the 4 year program? 
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    member_225 got a reaction from Clapton in Dmd Ulaval   
    I would rather study more in 4 years then to be relaxed throughout 5 years. 
    However, if they added new things to the curriculum (which I think they did judging by the number of credits added), then it'll more than likely be beneficial for the students later on in their careers. 
    I'm just bummed because I was planning around a 4 year degree
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    member_225 reacted to CPR trainer in Is This Realistic?   
    Yes, this is very realistic.
    It extrapolates to a full time (5 days/week) $1,000,000.00 practice.
    There are MANY practices producing these numbers.
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    Never mind, it's on a page in the back
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