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  1. Only if your only career alternative appart from medicine is having your own lab. But yeah I agree that obviously it is a good idea to check what are the prospective jobs for someone with the PhD you're thinking of getting and not assume that a PhD will mean you will run your own lab someday. There are health-related job options like public health or data science that will value a PhD degree but you need to think if those are options that you would enjoy.
  2. Also Laval lowered their cut-off for the "cote de rendement" to 31 (you can check if you reach the cut off in the table here : https://www.ulaval.ca/sites/default/files/admission/table-des-etalons.pdf ) so it might be worth it to apply next year, and once you have your Masters degree diploma you get a little bonus on your "cote de rendement"
  3. I am 100% biased but I would say go for it!!! The rejections sting a bit less when you are studying toward your PhD versus when you are doing a second undergrad, because you know you are moving foward with your life and you develop new skills, are paid, can plan an alternative career, lots of EC opportunities, etc (but again I'm super biased because I was miserable in undergrad). Also if you speak french and are a quebec resident, at the end of your PhD you can apply in a special contingent at francophone schools and the GPA cut-off is lower (I got in Laval with a GPA of 3.6/4) and
  4. Ça m'a fait ça quand j'ai appliqué il y a 5 ans je crois, j'avais fait le TAED et appliqué 4 ans plus tôt et je leur ai écrit et ils l'ont retrouvé donc ça m'étonnerais qu'ils ne retrouvent pas le tient. De mon expérience ça leur arrive des petits bug comme ça par rapports aux chose qu'on croirait automatique... (Ils m'ont déjà demandé de prouver que je parle français dans mon application alors que j'étais déja étudiante à UdeM dans un autre programme)
  5. Hello, regarding the PhD contingents in Quebec schools (Quebec city, Montreal and Sherbrooke), it is difficult to say exactly what is a competitive research productivity, you can write to me if you want to talk, I got in this year. They do not use grades for MSc or PhD for the academic 'cote de rendement', but they do give you bonus for every complete degree. Of note, you need to be a Quebec resident to be considered in this contingent
  6. Merci pour vos réponses très informatives !!
  7. Salut, Je vois que le stéthoscope requis pour le programme de médecine à l'université Laval est le stéthoscope Littman Cardio IV (qui est environ 250$). Ailleurs sur le forum, la majorité des gens semble s'entendre sur le fait qu'un stéthoscope de base tel le Littman Classique III (qui est 2x moins cher que le Cardio IV) serait amplement suffisant considérant que la majorité d'entre nous ne deviendrons pas cardiologues. Est-ce que quelqu'un va vérifier qu'on a acheté le bon modèle ?
  8. I received it on wednesday august 5th (but the .pdf letter enclosed says 'Saturday, July 18, 2020') Not sure if this can help anyone, but I was ranked 366/788 (IP) at the prescreen stage, so no improvement from last year (350/819), which is as expected because my undergrad GPA is still 3.6, my casper must have stayed average, and while my CV might have improved it is only worth 10% and depends on who reviews the file They did not provide the breakdown of rankings as they used to do (rankings for CV, Casper, academic)
  9. Pour info, en 2016 sherbooke m'a calculé 27.7 de CRU pour un A- (8/10 = 3.7/4.3) en biomed à uOttawa
  10. Same here, I am very happy with the yellow for this reason
  11. Not yet, but last year I received it at 2pm on July 2nd, so maybe tomorrow
  12. On n’est toujours pas certain d’avoir des cours en personne sur le campus cet automne, mais le pub universitaire réouvre lundi prochain
  13. I wouldn't know about the best headphones to cancel noise, but I use this website as background noise so I don't notice the surrounding noises and voices : https://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/cafeRestaurantNoiseGenerator.php
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