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  1. J'etais dans la derniere vague le samedi et on n'avait pas de stations de repos...c'etait quand-meme interessant lol! Toute a passe si vite et c'etait un peu enervant, quand meme inquietant qu'on etait desavantager
  2. Non pas du tout, ils m'ont clairement dit via email qu'un A a McGill ne donne pas un A+ a Laval.
  3. Hey Vicodin, have you considered writing the MCAT as well as the TFI to give yourself the opportunity to apply to the rest of Canada as well as the French schools? I realize McGill may be your first choice, as it is to many, but at the end of the day you'll be an MD regardless of your school.
  4. Thanks Commons, I'll definitely be trying.
  5. Thanks a1b1 for the advice, Yes I have. Sherbrooke gives me a really mediocre Cote Z (~32.5), I asked and it's because they don't convert my McGill GPA (on the 4.0 scale) to 4.3 scale. So basically they calculated that I have a 4/4.3 which is good but I guess not that great compared to other applicants graded on the 4.3 scale. The issue with Laval is they give my program a bad IFG. They consider my bachelor's to be 'biology' and not 'biomedical science' which I dont really understand because my program is much more similar to their biomedical science bac than their biology bac (which i
  6. Thankfully my parents are really supportive and would help with financing and cosigning for any loans. They're both CPAs so thankfully they already know a lot about this sort of thing
  7. Thanks for the advice. I heard it's slightly more difficult to apply to USDO programs if you went to Cegep because you need to get your Cegep transcripts evaluated by a company to be considered valid, and complications occur. Instead UDMDs just consider Cegep as junior college and accept the prereqs with no evaluation needed. Will definitely apply to other Canadian med schools, just gonna try some USMDs as well. Will start working on the LORs asap
  8. Hi guys, After my recent refusal from McGill Med I'm looking at increasing the number of schools I apply to next year to try and maximize my chances. I know Canadians are at a disadvantage when it comes to applying to the US but I think I have competitive stats and a good CV so I figured I'll give it a shot. I haven't written the MCAT which I plan on doing ASAP, I'll start studying as soon as I finish my undergrad. I know that AMCAS apps open on June 1st and the earlier you apply the better, so I'll try and write my MCAT as early as I can to hopefully not kill my chances too much. Anyways
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