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    adhominem got a reaction from Tullius in 3-4 months enough for MCAT prep with no background?   
    I think your timeline for writing the MCAT is a little unreasonable, given your lack of background in the key subjects. Taking courses over summer is going to make it nearly impossible to dedicate enough time to prepping, since 10h per week is not nearly enough in my opinion. If you're just starting out in mech engg and have a few more summers at your disposal, I would suggest writing the MCAT next summer so you can dedicate enough time to get a high score. There is no point in writing it without having put in 110% effort into prepping, since a sub-standard score won't do you any good. You likely need time to develop more ECs for your applications anyways. This is a marathon not a sprint. Good luck!
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    adhominem got a reaction from Bambi in Another undergrad year or grad school   
    Location? Schools you're planning on applying to? Determine how each school you're considering applying to will calculate your GPA for application purposes, as this will be a key factor for determining where you stand. Have you written the MCAT? If so, what is your score breakdown? Admissions policies vary widely, so these are all crucial details for the best possible advice.

    Even schools which take your best/last 2 years puts you at 3.65, which is on the lower side. Ideally you want at least a 3.8+ for apps, so another UG year with close to a 4.0 as possible is your best option.
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    adhominem reacted to divinecomedy in COVID-19 Impact on Electives and Clerkships   
    U of T has cancelled all visiting electives up to September 25th. Looks like they don't anticipate this being over for a long time. I honestly think away electives will play less of a role in this upcoming cycle. They can't penalize students for not having as many (or any) away electives or else they're not going to have many students to choose from. Everyone's in the same boat here.
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    adhominem got a reaction from clopidogrel in JD to MD Advice   
    Neither UofA or UofC have pre-reqs, so those are by far your best options. Honestly since you're IP there it doesn't seem worth it to complete any pre-reqs.
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    adhominem reacted to alextrebek in USask vs UCalgary and UoA   
    I would be a millionaire if I was adopted by Jeff Bezos but here I am, eating ramen with holes in my underwear. 
    Also, please remember that us SK IP-ers had to GROW UP IN PLACES LIKE REGINA AND PRINCE ALBERT. Our weekends were spent staring at wheat and wondering if trees only existed in storybooks. If that's not unjust then I don't know what is. 
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    adhominem reacted to Vivieeeeeee in Considering Med   
    How is that sad? Is OP not allowed to want those things? Just because they didn't write a long paragraph about their calling/empathy does not mean they don't have these things - they're already a PA. 
    Genuine question. Why is it that every time I see you posting anywhere, you never have anything constructive to say? It's always labeling, finger-pointing, and "sad"? That's a lot of bitterness and hatred (under some other topics).
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    adhominem got a reaction from Vivieeeeeee in Federal Election 2019   
    Speaking of reading... 
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    adhominem got a reaction from Pakoon in Federal Election 2019   
    Speaking of reading... 
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    adhominem reacted to Pakoon in Federal Election 2019   
    My CARS section would agree 
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    adhominem got a reaction from 011235813 in Federal Election 2019   
    You're right. Lets just keep letting the discussion become more and more polarized until its just fascist ANTIFA members versus the neo-nazis. No compromise allowed!
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    adhominem got a reaction from Vivieeeeeee in Federal Election 2019   
    You're right. Lets just keep letting the discussion become more and more polarized until its just fascist ANTIFA members versus the neo-nazis. No compromise allowed!
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    adhominem got a reaction from JohnGrisham in Federal Election 2019   
    You're right. Lets just keep letting the discussion become more and more polarized until its just fascist ANTIFA members versus the neo-nazis. No compromise allowed!
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    adhominem reacted to Aang in Federal Election 2019   
    I am an immigration lawyer with the federal government, and a person of colour whose family came to Canada as refugees. For anonymity reasons, I cannot say more about my workplace. Though, I will say that there is some incorrect information floating around this thread about how our immigration system works and the processing and admittance of refugees. Stick to what you know.
    Immigrants crossing into our borders through illegal channels do not have the upper hand when going through the refugee system. Many of these people actually need this status more urgently than people still living in their countries, because when you are escaping persecution and hardship, you will do anything to get your family and yourself to a safer place. If this means obtaining fraudulent documents and risking life and limb to cross an international border, you do it. There are people who have done this to come to Canada that have lost their body parts in the process, and some who have even died (https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/dominican-man-dies-on-quebec-n-y-border-trying-to-reach-his-daughter). It is not an easy thing to risk everything and uproot you and your family from a place that you've always called home. It is an act of desperation and usually there is a good reason for it. Again, people who do not understand immigration law and policy, and whom do not work in this field, should not be spouting misinformation and stereotypes as fact. Many of the people working to accept refugees in Canada in the government hold Conservative views and are White (typically leaning on the older side as well). 
    Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
    Objectives — refugees
    (2) The objectives of this Act with respect to refugees are
    (e) to establish fair and efficient procedures that will maintain the integrity of the Canadian refugee protection system, while upholding Canada’s respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all human beings;
    The Canadian immigration system is not processing refugees by the manner in which they came to Canada, but rather engages a complex process that takes into account a wide range of factors that include the circumstances leading up to their arrival in Canada, and the hardship and persecution they would face if they were to return to their country of origin. 
    I have not decided on whom I will be voting for in the upcoming election, but I will not vote Liberal, this much I know. I am tired of the political correctness and aggressive attitudes surrounding liberal ideology today. Everything is on the extreme end with them. I used to be liberal before realizing that I am more of a centrist, and being liberal means something else entirely today. The Liberal party's entire platform is centered around how Conservatives are racist, evil, White people that want to only help their rich, White friends and nothing more. It is fearmongering and seeks to differentiate the White, male, conservative as being the Other, rather than seeking inclusion, unity, and acceptance. We are first and foremost CANADIANS in a proud land. I've met more accepting Conservatives with neutral beliefs and attitudes than I have Liberals. Many people are Conservative and vote Conservative simply for their economic policies and honestly, if hardworking people want to focus on themselves and their families, and not care too much about larger social and political concerns, they have the right to do so. We live in a democracy after all. We should not be directing people to feel or think one way or another. This is what the liberal ideology has come to. 
    No, I am not a racist for not voting Liberal and it is laughable that this is being suggested by some people. A poster above has faced racial attitudes from White people and holds a deep resentment towards them. I have faced this as well. However, a lot of racists are visible minorities. You should hear what South Asians say about Blacks and Arab/Muslim people and vice-versa, what East Asians say about South Asians, what Blacks say about Whites, and so on. There are a lot of racial attitudes and stereotypes even among people leaning on the left, and among visible minorities. I have even been called out for having male privilege (in an incredibly aggressive manner) by left-leaning females who are White and had a more luxurious and easy upbringing than me. This is the kind of society we live in now, where we judge people by their political and religious beliefs, by their skin colour, race, and ethnicity, rather than by simply viewing people as people and their own person. I find myself agreeing more and more with Conservatives today who just want to live their own lives without being called racists. Look, there are people on the extreme end in every political spectrum. If you think most racists are Conservatives, then most visible minorities also hold racial attitudes and stereotypes (why do you think interracial marriages are so frowned upon?); the latter simply does a better job of hiding it when going outside their homes in a Western society. 
    Why will I not be voting Liberal? Among a host of reasons that include scandals, lies, incompetence, and fearmongering, it is all this political correctness and aggressive direction they are try to steer normal, hardworking Canadian citizens into. The Liberal party is the new twitter handle for toxic social media rhetoric and extremism. I would rather vote NDP, Green, Conservative, or anyone else running solo than for that party with its current leader - who talks about working for the middle-class when in reality is just another rich, White male being a hypocrite and pretending to be something he is not. Peace. 
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    adhominem reacted to cleanup in Federal Election 2019   
    I don't disagree with you. But I do think in your head you've fallen prey to the stereotype of a 'conservative' as being A, B, C, X, Y, Z.
    This is no different than someone assuming a 'liberal' is something they've been conditioned to believe they are, or are not.
    It's pigeonholing secondary to labelling, and a prime example of the partisanship and polarity that exists these days as a result of people only entertaining discussion that furthers or supports their own views, falling prey to media that thrives on anger, fear, and animosity, and an inability to be radically open-minded and begin with the assumption of "I could afford to be more critical of myself and cautious with my beliefs."
    I am not saying that you're wrong, but I am saying that the manner in which you're framing your opinion of others and the world as a whole is counter-productive. There is still room for agreeableness, even in the face of people or ideas that seem to go against your perspectives and ideology.
    Also I'll argue that there are plenty of people who label themselves as progressive liberals who still harbour racist, sexist or possibly even supremacist views at times. I think a lot of this comes from people from minority groups who, you may argue partially justifiably, feel indignation at the way society is groomed by what is perceived as a white, male, authoritarian ideology. I don't think they're wrong to be upset, but I do think there are some folks who generalize their anger toward men in general, white people in general, people in authority in general, conservatism in general, sometimes to the point of outright hatred, bigotry and extreme narrow-mindedness, all things that we presumably set out to quash in the first place.
    I'm a minority myself, and grew up in a small town in northern Ontario, and growing up I remember encountering bouts of prejudice, racism, even at a young age. Slurs, physical fights, and sometimes a general tension or unease that, admittedly, I probably would have noticed even more now as an adult than I did as a kid. That said, I don't let these experiences colour my entire perception; I know that people, as a whole, are victims of their upbringings, environments, friends & family. I don't inherently assume someone is a bad person simply because they said or did something I found reprehensible sometime. I myself have done reprehensible things I regret deeply, and hurt people in turn; I have to extend the same grace and room for growth to others as I do myself.
    There are extremes on both ends. I think the real enemy here isn't necessarily one end of the spectrum or the other, but rather the tips of society; we all need to meet in the middle somewhere. 
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    adhominem reacted to Pepsi905 in Federal Election 2019   
    Well thanks for calling a bunch of people on this forum "racist". If people don't support funding towards refugees or immigrants but rather have that money towards our veterans or infrastructure, its racist correct? If people don't agree with Liberal policies and ideas, its racist. No, I don't support having Trudeau hanged/jailed/etc. but I don't want to see him in office anymore. He raised taxes, butchered foreign relations, involved in a corruption scandal and spends money like it grows on trees. He doesn't want to deal with the illegal asylum crossings throughout Canada, which is a big issue in my riding. I'm an immigrant from the middle east (Lebanon) and my parents worked hard to pay for the immigration fees, interviews, etc. We were not allowed to come to Canada until we had clearance and papers from the Canadian government. Meanwhile, some people from Africa/Middle East just hop on a plane to the US, take a taxi to the border and walk over. How is that fair? Clearly, they can afford to pay the immigration fees and go through the legal process but instead, they get housed in hotels, get medical care before they have their asylum hearings. It pains me to see that. And quite frankly, immigrant mentality has contributed to people having harsh views about immigrants. No we don't take their jobs but we do bring problems such as ridiculous driving and fake driving schools, contributing to high insurance rates in some places (ex. Brampton).
    The conservatives don't have a strong plan on climate change and I've been working hard to raise this issue with my MP. But to label most conservatives as racist is something I would have to disagree with. On a side note, do you label most of Quebec as racist since they support Bill 21? Even though they vote liberal federally? 
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    adhominem reacted to Pakoon in Admitted but never kissed a girl   
    Why are you all talking about cutoffs like it's a MCAT at Western
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    adhominem reacted to canada747 in Clothes   
    Some/most dress casually, but I think in general med students dress better than most. Probably the whole perfectionist personality seeping into their fashion choices. You can see that some people are basically wearing their LOC
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    adhominem got a reaction from teeezyyy in Deferral Policy for Grad Studies?   
    I couldn't disagree more. The whole reason they allow deferrals is because they want to discourage people from dropping their grad studies.

    Even if your project isn't a wet-lab resource intensive project, your supervisor will still have invested a lot of time into training you. If you drop out of your grad studies, you've effectively wasted their time.

    OP: if you want to do grad school and will see it through, do it. As mentioned above, Dr. Hillier is very accommodating for research. If you're only doing it to fill some time and would consider dropping out if you're accepted, do something else.
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    adhominem got a reaction from Snowmen in M.D. with training in Ostheopathy (OMT)   
    Why? OMT is bunk science that thankfully seems to be dying due to its lack of efficacy.
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    adhominem got a reaction from QueenStan in M.D. with training in Ostheopathy (OMT)   
    Why? OMT is bunk science that thankfully seems to be dying due to its lack of efficacy.
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    adhominem got a reaction from j17f in M.D. with training in Ostheopathy (OMT)   
    Why? OMT is bunk science that thankfully seems to be dying due to its lack of efficacy.
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    adhominem got a reaction from Pakoon in M.D. with training in Ostheopathy (OMT)   
    Why? OMT is bunk science that thankfully seems to be dying due to its lack of efficacy.
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    adhominem got a reaction from HoopDreams in Can I get in or am I destined for a life of metal   
    You need to complete a second undergrad to become competitive.
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    adhominem got a reaction from brady23 in Funded Studentship vs. NSERC   
    I'm kind of confused what it is that you're asking as well...

     Generally, studentships for summer research work and the NSERC USRA are virtually the same thing (i.e. in Alberta we have an Alberta Innovates Summer Studentship). Most often, students apply for all the studentships they can, and then accept the one that pays the best if they're offered multiple. In some cases, they may even allow you to 'top-up' your earnings and collect both (up to a certain dollar value). If you're awarded more than one, even if you are only able to accept one, you can (and should) list both on your CV.

    If you aren't talking about listing it on your CV (should you receive it), then we are going to need more information so your question can actually be answered.
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    adhominem got a reaction from crazybananas411 in Feedback letter   
    They were out of 17 in previous years, and scores were broken down as follows (back in 2017 when they actually broke down scores at in-person meetings, which they no longer do):
    4 points each for volunteerism, work experience, diversity of experience, and leadership. 
    The final 1 point was for your score in the awards section.
    Hard to say how they calculate the 17 now.
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