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  1. Just got an offer of the waitlist!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Another data point: GPA: 3.965 Creation Time: 7:38:59
  3. Hey guys could you by any chance also put the seconds. If you control+F “11:” you’ll see the full time stamp.
  4. If someone starts a new thread, we can all put our times and gain more information about the waitlist this way, it may help lowering the uncertainty.
  5. If you guys got the email on gmail, if you go into show original and search "11:" you can also see the seconds at which the offer was delivered. For instance, for me it was 11:38:58 meaning at 7:38:58.
  6. Alright, after discussing with a couple of people also receiving waitlist emails, I believe that timestamp indicates waitlist position. The only questions is, who was the first to receive french waitlist and then english.
  7. My email was created at 7:38, do you think that is high waitlist or is anybody's even higher?
  8. Mine says "Your name has been placed on a waiting list. You will be notified by telephone or by e-mail communication if your name appears at the top of the list, should a vacancy occur before September."
  9. Just got waitlisted, does anyone know what the difference between good and bad waitlist is?
  10. I’ve heard that some people got invites today. Can anybody whose gotten it shed some light as to when it is and anything else the email may have said?
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