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  1. Thanks Laurentlait - I am just unsure if the undergraduate course would be worth taking as a (1) potentially easy mark boost, and (2) preparation for level 2 courses?
  2. Trying to decide whether to take my IB transfer credits toward first year undergraduate courses. I will take the English credit but am not sure about Biology. If I do take the credit, how will it affect medical school course requirements and/or gpa calculations?
  3. Thanks for all the opinions about IB. I am in the programme because of the challenge/preparation and I like the teachers not for the potential University credits as I will opt out of many of them. I'd still like to hear about undergraduate science programmes at Mount Allison and Acadia vs. Queen's, McMaster or Guelph.
  4. Thanks - I will only be taking IB transfer credits for courses that are not a part of my core programme (not science or math). Can anyone recommend undergraduate science programmes that will prepare me well and do not grade on a bell curve.
  5. I know am am early in the process but I am trying to decide which undergraduate programmes to apply to. My current grade 11 average is about 95%. I enjoy all my science courses and do not want to choose between them yet. I like the small liberal arts feel of schools out East. Which schools and programmes should I look at in Ontario? Medicine is not the only career I can see myself doing - I just don't know what else is out there and I'd like to keep my options open.
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