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  1. congratulations on your acceptance! my apartment is in Yaletown, which definitely isn't cheap but it does have the express bus route, which makes commuting a lot easier farther out of the downtown core will be cheaper, but keeping the commute in mind is important, especially with how awful Vancouver traffic can be in the mornings
  2. congratulations to everyone who heard back today, and good luck to those of you still waiting! for everyone who heard last Wednesday, have any of you received your admission packages in the mail yet? I need to fax my letter to the rental office of my apartment building but it seems to be taking longer than I expected to arrive.
  3. There wasn't any name at the bottom of the email! It was just from the "Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences" eta; it did say to contact Jennifer Chatterton to decline your admission offer, so she might be the right one to get in touch with? I'm not positive though
  4. I don't think that's quite right, because I've only just finished my 3rd year and I heard back from them on Wednesday, as did a friend of mine.
  5. the option will show up on the SSC under "accept or decline your offer" soon enough! I don't have it yet either, but I'm sure it'll happen by tomorrow at the latest for those of us who got emails today - they're not going to make us miss the deadline
  6. In the email it said that they still have to process all the offers of admissions to make sure they got everyone's final transcripts and all that, so I'm sure that the SSC will update & we'll be able to accept our offers soon!
  7. Just got my acceptance email! Looking forward to meeting all of you next year!
  8. starting to look more and more like today won't be the day either, this is getting brutalllll. anyone hear anything yet?
  9. there's still a chance we could hear tomorrow! UBC's enrolment services page says they're open from 9:30 - 2:30 on Saturdays the long weekend might affect that, but at least there's a chance.
  10. I can't escape the fear that we'll be waiting past the long weekend this anticipation is torture!
  11. every time I see a post in this forum I keep getting nervous! today would make the most sense, but I could see it being tomorrow as well. fingers crossed!
  12. I wouldn't stress too much! judging from the forums for previous years, they heard quite consistently around the 20th/21st, and with the long weekend coming up I wouldn't be surprised if it was even earlier
  13. mine actually updated saying it had arrived right after I posted that comment thank you though!
  14. for anyone applying from outside UBC, has your SSC Applicant Status updated saying your final transcript had arrived? Mine says it was mailed on May 2nd and I know it took quite a while for it to update before, but since the deadline is May 15th I'm getting a bit worried.
  15. I just received my confirmation email! My interview is the very first time slot, so I'm thinking I'll need a lot of coffee that morning If there's anyone in Victoria who'd like to get together and practice MMI things, let me know and maybe we can arrange some time to meet up!
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