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  1. I just finished third year and a friend of mine finished 2nd, and one just finishing her degree. We heard back on Wednesday
  2. received the email at around 12pm! those haven't yet hang in there! How do I accept the offer? it says they still need to confirm my transcript but I have to confirm offer by june 1st.
  3. Same here. Woke up to a dream that I got in and realized I didnt, yet
  4. I received confirmation email too. My interview is the very first time slot as well.. had to arrive at 7:30 AM that is way too early for me.
  5. I haven't started, but I am preparing to. There is still a month's time so don't worry too much! I plan to join the mock interviews organized by people on the mmi practice group on Facebook.
  6. has anyone received a confirmation email for accepting the interview yet?
  7. Got mine on Wednesday as well. Anyone would like to meet up and practice at UBC or Vancouver?
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