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  1. I think about 600-700 or something like that total for the interviews
  2. That's awesome! I was really hoping you would get it after being on this forum and getting to know some of the names here.. So congrats! I look forward to meeting you and the rest of the people in September!
  3. Hey, don't want to rain on your parade but sadly the PharmD has INCREASED its tuition for this year its now $17011, plus $2025 worth of student fees, and an estimated $1540 on books and supplies for a whopping total of $20576 per year.. Im really excited to start and its all I can dream of doing, plus UBC looks great, but to imagine the debt I'll be in in 4 years with living costs is a bit scary, regardless of how much a pharmacist might make or the potential job market. Almost all the bursary, scholarship and grants specifically state they cannot be used for professional ptograms such as Pha
  4. Awesome!! Congrats to everyone! I look forward to meeting all of you On a side note, HOW DO WE ACCEPT THE OFFER!? lol
  5. My life has degraded to the point where all I do is check this forum, the studentdoctor forum (not as chill as this one btw..), my email, UBC SSC, UBC pharmacy blog, ect. Each day is excruciating when I see the time go from 9am-5pm and there's nothing. All quiet on the pharmacy front :/
  6. "His palms are spaghetti, knees weak, arms spaghetti There's vomit on his spaghetti already: mom's spaghetti He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm spaghetti" Pretty much sums up how I felt pre-interview, and now as the admissions decisions loom :/ IS IT ETHICAL TO MAKE US WAIT SO LONG!? HUH HUHHHHHH??? These are the questions we need to be asking my friends Each day is like Russian Roulette.. Weeeeeee.
  7. I've been checking this forum, the one at studentdoctor.net, my email, and UBC SSC about every 5 minutes.. But nothing yet! When will the waiting ennnddd Haha
  8. Hey! I'm not from Van either and was hoping to get some practice in over Skype. Would you be interested? We could go through some MMI questions and discuss our responses!
  9. Hey anybody not living in Vancouver and wanting to practice MMI?? We could try and set up a Skype group video call and go through some practice problems. Let me know if anyone is interested!!
  10. You recieve an email which is connected to your UBC application. Did you check spam folder ect? It's important since your UBC SSC page won't change. It will still read "Ready for Review" even if you get an invite for an interview.ake sure there is indeed no email! My prereq GPA was ~78% and my last 30c GPA was ~84%. Hope that helps!
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