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  1. Queen's does look at the grades in the prerequisites and factors that into your application - I've spoken to the head of PT admissions. She said even though they don't specify minimum levels of performance on the prerequisites, anything less than a B suggests the student might not have a good grasp of knowledge in that given area. And from what I remember, for Queen's you have to enter every course that could count as a prerequisite, right? But if other areas of your application are strong it could potentially make up for it!
  2. No problem - and it depends on the school, although from what I remember at least one of them has to be an academic reference. You'd have to check each school's requirements.
  3. They aren't saved, you have to ask your referees for another reference.
  4. Read the PT/OT/Accepted/Rejected threads - lots of people post their experiences there. Having experience definitely helps - all the students I've met in my program have a ton of things on their CV. Not only Queen's puts a lot of emphasis on experience. I would apply a few times in Canada before looking abroad, particularly if you want to work in Canada and save a lot of money.
  5. I don't think so because it says a dietetic internship placement isn't guaranteed.
  6. It would depend on the program itself - ex. McGill's Dietetics undergrad is a professional program, but its Nutrition one isn't since it doesn't lead to professional licensure.
  7. I haven't heard of a list, but I don't think any Canadian PT schools have mid-year intakes.
  8. I feel as though they're not professional programs, but you'd have to look through your school and program's websites to get a sure answer. Some are, like nursing.
  9. If you're in a professional program it's clearly stated on your university's website. Also you'd have stages and it'd be clearly indicated that it's an entry-to-practice program, so it would contain certain components that later allow you to be certified by the order.
  10. MMIs are definitely something you can improve on BoopityBoop, check your PMs as well!
  11. You definitely have a good chance of getting in! Work on writing strong personal statements, focusing on what you've gained from your experiences. You want to be connecting everything to the essential competencies of PT. Note that for McGill they do a preliminary screening of applicants, and those that 'pass' are asked to fill in a spreadsheet regarding your courses. You have a certain number of spaces to enter classes of specified subjects and what grades you received. I know they weight grades highly, but it's more complicated than sGPA. They put a large emphasis on that spreadsheet, but
  12. In lectures you can wear whatever, and note that for practical classes you'll need to wear or change into a t-shirt or tank with shorts. For site visits and clinical placements you'll need to wear professional attire. Some schools have documents online saying you can't wear sleeveless shirts, but I know at McGill you can (like nice dressier tanks). Closed toes shoes for sure though.
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