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  1. Mes amis de Sciences biologiques qui ont été admis en med vet n'ont eu aucun cours crédités, et même en ayant été auxiliaires d'enseignements pour des cours qui couvraient la même matière. C'est dommage sur le coup, mais au final ça fait un petit cours bonbon quand tu le fais la 2e fois!
  2. Le seul avantage de faire des cours que tu crois "utiles" pour la médecine, c'est que ce sera plus facile pour toi quand ces concepts là seront abordés en classes! McGill ne crédite aucun cours, et à ma connaissance l'UdeM fait pareil. Et pour préciser, l'UdeM te donne un bonus pour ta maitrise non pas quand le mémoire est déposé, mais bien à l'obtention du grade (qui peut se faire 6-9 mois après le dépôt final de ton mémoire). Bonne chance
  3. McGill doesn't divulgate exactly how much extra points are given for having an MSc, PhD or a degree from a professional program. We just know they are some of the things that can get you extra points from (ranging from 0-10%) of the non GPA part of the academic portion. This is a very obscure part of the evaluation process....!
  4. Hey, thank you for sharing your story! I don't really have answers, but I can share a few thoughts that I had. So as you said, even if the world is more open to diversity than it was before, you'll (unfortunately) face stigma at some point, whether you transition before of after residency. I think the challenges you may encounter will possibly be quite similar in both cases, the major difference being that as a resident you are still in training and it's already a mental burden by itself. Though in terms of how it will be perceived by peers and collegues, I might be wrong, but I feel like it's
  5. Je ne veux pas répéter ce qui a déjà été dit, mais oui c'est tout à fait réaliste! Je connais plusieurs personnes qui ont commencé la médecine passé la mi-trentaine. Mettons qu'on jase, l'âge moyen des cohortes en 1ere année de médecine tourne autour de 22 ans (varie selon les universités, les années, etc), mais c'est parce qu'environ la moitié du monde (variable aussi) sont des cégépiens et ça baisse pas mal la moyenne! Pour le reste, il y a beaucoup d'étudiants de plus de 25, début trentaine également. C'est sûr que des étudiants de plus de 35 ans il y en a moins, mais ce n'est pas une
  6. As per the situation right now, in-person MMI are out of the game for sure (and getting every applicant tested before would be unrealistic). Just to give you an idea, 2nd years are usually supposed to have a physical exam OSCE at the beginning of december and it got cancelled. Considering that MMIs are in the same style and that it involves so much more people and contacts, it's most certainly going to be online. Even if not ideal, I'm still confident that evaluators can decently catch some of the non-verbal cues and important "stuff" even in online format
  7. non, tu peux mettre n'importe quoi, tu vas jamais en réentendre parler!
  8. Can't say for sure, but the way I understand it is that if you had to drop a few courses due to the pandemic (therefore no longer a full time student), you'll not negatively be affected by that.
  9. J'ajouterais à ce qui a été dit plus haut que ta cote serait très compétitive à McGill Après ça dépend de ton CV, ta performance au casper et ton aisance avec l'Anglais (à noter qu'il y a un beaucoup de francophones en med, et en plus la langue de la science et de la médecine c'est l'Anglais ), mais à mon avis ça vaut la peine d'essayer. À noter que tu dois déposer ta candidature avant le 1er novembre (ou dans ces eaux là) pour McGill, contrairement aux uni francophones où c'est en janvier. Je n'ai pas vraiment de conseil pour l'an prochain car je ne suis plus au fait des cotes requises
  10. Oh right, I wasn't aware they were 2 different things!
  11. Most entrance scholarships are based on financial needs, so you only need to file an application on Minerva (in the student menu or something like that, it's not really hard to find anyways) Hope this helps!
  12. I can' t tell yet for clerkship, but the time that you will spend studying in pre-clinic can vary a lot depending on your previous background/knowledge and your studying style. Typically: mornings = lectures; afternoons = learning activities (small groups, sim center, clinic, etc). Lectures are recorded and available online usually within 24h. Basically, what a lot of students do is to listen to the recordings at increased speed, this way you can save a little bit of time if that's something that works with you (I personally tend to zoom out when I listen to live lectures, so listening to
  13. I met people in their early 20s who'd be studying all the time and stay home even on saturday nights, wheras some people in their 30s go out and drink like there's no tomorrow. Some people get married at 21 and other are still single at 25 or 35..... But there are parties and social events that will be organized by your program. Attend those, and you'll find people who want to party and have fun like you, no matter their age!
  14. I think it depends, some entries will need more explantions than others. What I did was first to put everything I did in every category, with the draft justifications. Then at looked at redundancy, and what were the stronger or weaker elements (those were eliminated) to eventually acheive the 2 pages goal. Also, don't underestimate the power of rewording your entries to make the justification as short as possible! As for languages, I did MMIs in French, and as I studied at McGill before, so I assumed it was obvious to them I could speak both languages, but I guess you could include it in
  15. All that makes you a competitive applicant! To make a good CV, go and read the CanMed page. Then for each entries on your CV, make those CanMed competencies stand out. If you have 5 different volunteering entries that have the same justification, it's a bit useless. Say that this one helped you with developping team work, while that another helped you with improving your communication skills or your leadership and so on. The justification and variety is a lot more important than just blindly stacking up 2 pages achievements. Good luck
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