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  1. Hi everyone, I'm so glad I found you all a couple years back. The stories and posts motivated me to overcome by dismal academic past and pursue medicine. I started a 2nd UG last fall, and was hoping to graduate this spring. Yes, I realize this would only make me potentially competitive at Western and Queens. Regardless, the reason for my post is partly to seek clarification and partly to seek advice. As of this afternoon, the union representing TAs and Contract Faculty at York rejected the University's contract proposal. Essentially, it looks like there will be a strike starting on
  2. My cGPA from my first undergrad was less than your 2.96. I just started my second year of my 2nd UG. Last year I ended with nearly a 3.9, while working nearly full time as well. All I'm saying is that it can be done; you just need to 1) really want it, and 2) organize/prioritize your life to make it happen. Maybe take some time off and reassess. If you decide to pursue it, don't do it until you are 100% devoted. All the best.
  3. Thank you for the reply, and thank you for calling me out on that! I was referring more to my academic time management, which will resume again with my studies in the fall. However, you are right, it's important to keep in the groove of things during the summer. My mind has been keeping active and engaged for the past 1.5 months that I have been on a break from school. I'm trying to pursue other activities during the summer that will make the transition back to school in the fall a little easier. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you thank you thank you! I really appreciate all of the helpful suggestions and tips. Like I said, I'm just a little disappointed with how I ended up doing this past year. Hopefully I see an improvement next year. I think a lot of my issues surround time management, especially when it comes to studying for midterms and finals. I will have to focus my efforts on those issues next year. I find this forum to be extremely inspiring, and you girls/guys are the motivation for me pursuing degree #2. Thanks again.
  5. I should also say- I obviously could have done better this past year, and am somewhat disappointed in myself. I managed to get 4.0 in several of my courses, but it just wasn't possible in others. I would really like to know the secret to getting a 4.0 GPA cumulatively. What am I missing?
  6. I'm working on my second undergrad, and ended last year with a 3.8. How are you guys/girls getting 4.0 GPAs? That is essentially a "perfect" score! 1) Well done! 2) How are you doing it? Tips? Thanks
  7. I'm sorry, I have nothing to contribute (since I'm new to all of this)...but I'm curious, what would be stopping the OP from getting an interview at Queens or Western? Seems like a very competitive final two years? Regardless, all the best.
  8. Yes, I've used OMSAS chart, but I don't understand how they use such wide bands to indicate a certain GPA value. For example, one column displays 75-83% as representing a 3.70 GPA. So whether I get 75, or whether I get 83, it will still be considered 3.7? Thanks
  9. I'm trying to approach my second undergrad as an opportunity to pursue a new path in life. I'd like to pursue medicine, but I don't want to set my heart on it since I am acutely aware of the challenges. However, I wanted to post a very early 'thank you' for the positive vibes on this forum. Nine months ago I started visiting this forum regularly, and it is what inspired me to start my second UG this fall after bombing my first one a number of years ago. Although I'm only two months into my first term, my grades have improved significantly...I attribute this largely in part to reading the
  10. Thanks, bambi and ralk. I was thinking the OP was planning on finishing in 2 years (what do they say about assumptions?! )
  11. I don't want to hijack this thread - but why will a third year be necessary for Western? I thought they look at the best two years for a 2nd UG. Would they not use the OP's GPA of 3.91 + the GPA for the upcoming year? Thanks
  12. Hi there, I'll be starting my 2nd UG in the fall and am currently registering for courses. Looking for some guidance. How do MD programs view individual online courses taken within a conventional in-class degree program (Ontario med schools in particular)? For example, 2nd UG at Western, but with a few online courses included in the course load? I know Ottawa has an FAQ on their website which states they do not accept distance ed degrees. What about individual courses? Are online courses even specified as being online on a university transcript? Thanks
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