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  1. didn't know that haha thanks for that tho
  2. Just curious, my school works on a 4.5 scale. How would my grades be converted since Ubc is on a 4.33 scale ???? SGPA: 3.9/4.5 cGPA: 3.5/4.5
  3. Is anyone taking or has taken english 255 at athabasca ?
  4. Just wondering whether or not if you guys are transferring the credits for this course to you're home university or how it works when you submit your Transcript? Because my university (UofM) only assessed it as a 3 credit hour course for some reason
  5. Anyone here by chance taking the bio 235 at Athabaca the coming summer? Plan on taking it and just wanted to get a study group of some sort going so we can all help each other out
  6. KIN Student here hoping to apply for PT in 2018! just wondering what my chances are since i have a relatively low cGPA: 3.35 (By the time i graduate), and hoping my last 60 to be around 3.8. I do however have tons of experience working at a PT clinic and volunteering at a hospital. Any information is much appreciated Thanks!
  7. Hate to ask, but i am horrible at english and i just can't seem to get the grades i need because of in class essays that just destroy my marks. Is there any recommendations as to where i can take english online
  8. Can anyone please tell me if my cumGPA will matter compared to my subGPA. Looking at all the recent applicants, there is no way i can improve my cumGPA to 3.8 or higher in the next two years
  9. Hello! I am a undergraduate student at the U of M finishing my bachelors in Kin. I was wondering how the qualifying year works for the Mcgill PT program?. On the site it said that guaranteed spots are available for QY students idk if i understood that right but some help would be nice.
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