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  1. Good advice above^^ Just be yourself and relax. However when I was there almost everyone was in dress clothes on the first day. You don't need a suit, just look presentable.
  2. Which schools are you applying to? Each school values different sections of the DAT differently. If you are applying to UofA, focus on the MDT and PAT, and less so on bio/chem. That being said, writing the DAT in 4th year should offer you an advantage for bio/chem as you have likely taken all your prereq's. PAT probably has the steepest learning curve, so I would focus on that this summer. Try giving 30-60 mins a day to practicing PAT over the summer, combined with occasional review of bio/chem topics that you are less confident with. Reading comp is reading comp, its tough to get
  3. It all depends on your strengths and weaknesses but I'd say developmental biology just because it usually shows up on the DAT and its stuff you don't really learn anywhere else. Ecology is a way broader field and I'd think the odds of getting a test question from that class is lower. I took developmental biology the same semester that I wrote the DAT and 3 questions were straight from the course.
  4. If academic average is what you are trying to improve, DATdestroyer is probably the most useful. Don't just use it as a practice test though, use it to identify areas of weakness and then research those areas. Repetition is key with bio/chem since there's so much material, so aim for going through the entire book multiple times. I could never really improve my RC score so I don't really have advice for that section
  5. I can definitely relate. I had to work basically non-stop for 3 years to get the grades needed to get into dental school and often wondered if the only reason I did so well was because of how much time I put in. I'm only half way through first year but its pretty much the same in dental school. The didactic material isn't any harder (there is just more of it), and your grades basically reflect the amount of time you put in. Keep at it and take it easy on yourself, if you're pulling 10 hour days you're hella motivated and you'd kill it in dental school
  6. DATdestroyer is expensive but really good
  7. I got into an American school after my third year, and couldn't get into a Canadian school until after 4 years (because of a failed DAT). If you think you have a chance of making it to a Canadian school don't worry about taking many years and just go for it! Most people in my class applied multiple times before getting in, with a small minority getting in on their first attempt.
  8. Unfortunately not, you would have to retake the whole DAT.
  9. In that case you should be fine. To get below a 5 you would need catastrophic errors on all sections of the rubric
  10. If the pattern you carved was correct and the only problem was the measurement error, then I believe your soap will still be considered a 'correct' pattern. If the measurement error was 4mm off from the correct measurement, then you'll most likely get 0 for the measurement section of the rubric, but the other sections of the rubric should still be ok. Did the measurement error impact the overall symmetry of the soap?
  11. I drew a grid for every single question. I found that trying to do it in your head just leads to errors and can even take longer in some cases. I would just practice getting good at drawing the grid for every question, it really doesn't add that much time.
  12. Try to take courses you'll enjoy and check ratemyprofs to try to avoid profs that have reputations for being overly tough. Most importantly, work smart and study hard
  13. Received offer from OOP waitlist, was #3. Will be declining, good luck all!
  14. Both are good, but I personally found bootcamp to be a bit more challenging. I also thought bootcamp had better learning materials
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